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Reminder: House Finale Tonight

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I've only recently become a fan of House, mostly because I have a severe allergic reaction to both American Idol and Fox itself. I can't really stand either of them and try to avoid them at all costs, which can be a bit of a trial. Firefly was on Fox and it was a terrific, if short lived show, and now that I've been sucked into it, House is something I can't really get enough of right now.

I borrowed the first season on DVD and will be writing a spec script for the show this coming month, so I should be a bit of an expert on the show in very short order. Before I decided to write a spec, I was really nervous about watching this show because it all seemed so very complex. I'm no more of a doctor than anyone else and it seemed like an insurmountable obstacle, like the best you could do without spending eight years actually becoming a doctor is just sit back, and enjoy.

I actually enjoy it more, now that I've spent some time breaking it down, figuring out what kind of things they like to do for the act breaks and whatnot. As the first season progressed, I noticed that they started going to commercials more often on a sudden change in the patients condition, usually for the worse, while early only they used the prototypical drama structure, ending acts on moral dilemmas for the main characters more than anything else.

I won't bore you with the minutia of specing, and I generally don't write television show reviews because I don't see the point. If you were interested in what happened, you'd probably take the time to watch it, and then you'd already know what happened, right? It all seems a bit too wasteful.

Don't expect a review of the finale on this blog here tonight, you can get plenty of those tomorrow around the Internets and I'll probably link to several of them. I really just wanted to drop in and remind people that after the silly break, tonight is the last night you'll get to see any new House until January of next year.

I'm going to do whatever it takes to get my hands on more DVDs from previous seasons, and write my spec script since there are few shows hotter than this one right now. What will you be doing in between now and January?

Here's a suggestion, read this TV Guide interview I wrote about with Omar Epps -- just don't get mad when it reveals things about his character before you see the finale. You've had fair warning.

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May 30, 2007, 8:53:00 AM
Well, you may not be reviewing the House Finale on here, but let me just say, WOW. Still not as good as the episode about a month ago with the unborn baby! but definately a great way to end the season. I guessed it but was actually surprised that I guessed right! Since they have become the hot show right now, I'm a little surprised that they really may change it up this much but at the same time, its better to change and keep it hot then to let it get stale before change. Right? For those that missed it, I'm not being coy on purpose: House gives up on patient, pulls plug, patient revives, House goes toe to toe with God for credit on fixing her, his entire team walks out: he fired chases, the other two resign.....he's all alone ...dum dum dum. ;)

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