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Interview: Omar Epps Talks 'House'

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House M.D.
If you don't want to know what the fate of Omar Epps' character is on Fox's hit House, M.D. (yes, it's not just 'House') then don't bother reading this post. Otherwise, there's an interview that TV Guide did with Epps about his role on House, how season 3 is wrapping up, and what may be around the corner for his character and the hit drama.

Actually, most of this interview is the same old lame fare from "entertainment reporters" who don't have the guts to ask tough questions, or even interesting ones. To be truthful, I'm just a blogger which puts me on an even lower scale than that, so I shouldn't be throwing stones, but come on, there has to be better questions out there for a co-star on TV's hottest drama than this.

TV Guide: Are you married? Kids?
Epps: I'm married to [former R&B singer] Keisha. I have a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old.

Damn, I'm sure glad TV Guide did this interview, there isn't another place on the entire world wide web you can get that kind of insider info.

Here, I'll just save you the suffering from having to read the entire interview and give you the only part that matters.

TV Guide: Will you be back full-time next season? What will Foreman be doing?
Epps: I will be back. Obviously, it will be different — but I don't think even the writers know how yet.

For those who aren't aware, this is a new interview but old info. It's been known that Epps' contract ran through the 2008 season, and that he wasn't going anywhere. Nor would he, even if it was up. You don't just walk away from a drama doing better than 23 million viewers per episode after just 3 seasons -- it simply does not happen my friends.

I dig Epps, though not really his character. I was really shocked when they offed him on E.R., was that messed up or what? Hey, is that your eyeball hanging out or did someone drop some candy?

I wonder if he ever thought about this kind of future when he was being snuffed out over at NBC. Maybe NBC should learn from this.

Maybe I need to finish watching season 1 of House on DVD.

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