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Update: July 17, 2007

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Lohan, Hilton, O'Donnel, Huffman: A Quartet of Drunks

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It's bad enough that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan don't see anything wrong with being irresponsible brats, but that's not the same thing as driving while drunk. It just isn't. When you drink and drive, people other than yourself have a tendency to die, and you won't find probation or 45-day jail sentences once that happens. I don't care how rich you are, once you've killed someone via DUI, your life is over, and rightfully so.

You'd expect other actresses and people that have worked with Lohan and Hilton to come out and blast their ridiculous behavior, but instead you get soft confessions and a pat on the back for abusing high society.

In the case of Lohan, who was raked over the coals by a studio executive for constantly being late to set during the production of Georgia Rule, rather than being taken to task for hurting production and being an all around unprofessional miscreant as she was with co-actress Jane Fonda, her other co-star Felicity Huffman now admits that she too was drunk on the set.

She tells Parade magazine, "OK, it's a little true. I was drunk a little bit of it, but not a lot. "I wish I could have done it drunk."

There is no "drunk a little bit." That's an alcoholics excuse. You're either smashed, or you aren't, and if Huffman was drinking on the set, she ought to be blacklisted for a year, just as she would be in any other job. And one thing that strikes me is the complete lack of seriousness these people have for the issue. Imagine if a stunt man showed up drunk on the set? Or one of the personal drivers for the actors? How about the director?

Huffman has refused to condemn Lohan's irresponsible antics and how it looks like she's actually trying to cover for her by making it sound as if actors getting drunk on the set is an every day affair. Talk about the wrong stuff..

With recent news of Paris Hilton spending some time in jail for her drunken transgressions, Rosie O'Donnell has come out on The View to say that she also used to be a highway massacre waiting to happen when she was younger.

"It doesn't make it the right thing to do, and hopefully as you get to be an adult[...] I remember being 21 years old coming home from gigs, totally not in any capacity to drive. Thank God I didn't kill myself or anyone else."

Oh please, only in the fantasy world of Hollywood would somebody consider 21 not to be an adult. Rosie is right, there is no excuse for that kind of retarded behavior. I just hope Lohan and Hilton wise up before they murder someone and their three kids coming home from a school play some night while all they get is a bruise and an excuse to buy a new $500,000 car.

Note: Todays first post has been delayed a bit while I added a slew of new RSS feeds to Google Reader. Most of it today is from TV Guide, but most of it also is original content from their editors, not wire reports.

  • This manufactured controversy over a poster for Harry Potter 5 where some unnamed person has been accused of photoshopping Emma Watson's breasts to make them larger is just sad. Has anyone stopped to consider that Emma Watson just turned 17? She's not exactly a kid anymore people. It's no different than wearing a bra to make them look bigger. Example.
  • James Caan is returning to Las Vegas, and he's bringing Tom Selleck with him.
  • TNT is definitely going after Law & Order.
  • Since rumors are a dime a dozen, I've not mentioned this until now: Robert Rodriguez may end up directing a feature version of The Jetsons. *sigh*
  • California Governor is running away from Paris Hilton's attempt to get a pardon for her DUI+probation violation. Good for him.
  • Michael Moore's latest docu Sicko, this one about American health care, is set to bow June 29th.
  • FOX takes Tuesday with Idol and House, no surprises there. ABC was the runnerup. The weekly contest saw FOX take three out of the top four spots with Idol and House. Again, no surprise. Lost barely made the top 20 coming in 19th, and Heroes is off the radar. For that matter, so is NBC in general.
  • A sequel to The Lost Boys is prepping to shoot in Canada. The original stars, writer, and director are not present, nor is a theatrical release in the cards. This is straight-to-DVD crap.
  • 28 Weeks Later gets more good reviews.
  • Georgia Rule gets more bad ones.
  • A TV Guide feature speculates who will survive Jericho's season finale.
  • Cable execs aren't happy with the FCC report on violence, but I think the Nazi reference was just a tad out of line.
  • With a recent unfortunate dip in the ratings for Heroes, they are starting to repeat the same things the producers of Studio 60 kept telling everyone: "we're killing in the 18-49 demo though!" Not a good thing to have in common with a series that's about to get canceled.
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May 10, 2007, 8:15:00 AM
Can we get a new pic of Lohan please? For not liking someone, you sure like using that picture..LOL
Ms. Watson, not very curvaceous even for 17, but part of that photoshopping was changing her angle and bring her closer to the front for view....which makes everything bigger including her head, changing the lighting on her hair and moving her's almost like a completely different pose if you check out her hair etc. Turned just slightly...which makes the boob area bigger and if they did photoshop it, I'm sure at 17 she doesn't mind. Personally, I don't think they were that big or changed GREATLY..maybe I'm getting blind, or maybe have DD's everything just looks small in comparison..LMAO

May 10, 2007, 1:43:00 PM
"Can we get a new pic of Lohan please? For not liking someone, you sure like using that picture..LOL"

I only have a limited amount of space for photos so if I can get away with reusing them, I have to. Plus...she's hot, no point arguing against that.

"Ms. Watson, not very curvaceous even for 17 [..]"

Well, 17 as of April. Looks just fine to me. :)

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