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Update: July 17, 2007

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Lindsay Lohan was Fighting with Girlfriend Before Crash

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Lindsay Lohan
I know, I've heard a couple of times that I seem to have an obsession with Lindsay Lohan. That's not true at all, really. I have an obsession with the traffic that Lindsay Lohan brings me. See, that makes it all better, right?

Lohan was arrested over the weekend when she crashed her car into a curb/tree, and police found cocain in the vehicle -- which will pretty much get everyone in the car arrested. Lohan, though, was said to be drunk at the time.

Now the real dirt starts to come out as reports are saying that Lohan was trying to chase down a friend of hers, Samantha Ronson, a club DJ. I've heard rumors that Ronson is a lesbian (which there is nothing wrong with) and that Lohan and her were more than just "friends." So, well, you can make up your own mind about this:

Reports suggest the 20-year-old was embroiled in a bitter exchange of words with Ronson, the younger sister of producer/DJ Mark Ronson, when she smashed her car into a palm tree. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "She was trying to talk to Sam--they were screaming, obviously arguing, and Lindsay was heard to shout, 'You fucking lesbian bitch.'

There, aren't you glad I updated you on the very latest that is Lindsay Lohan's tragically shattered life? She can't even have an honest quarrel with her lesbian lover best friend without having that mean, nasty press run her off the road and into a tree take pictures of her drunk ass crashing her car for the fifth time in a year.

Man, I wish I was rich. I'd have like three lesbian lovers, and I'd crash my car into palm trees all the time too. Damn press!

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May 29, 2007, 8:49:00 AM
Okay, so how about getting a new picture of Lindsay atleast? And atleast this information is interesting..not the same old, I'm a serious actress that can't act even when I'm nude bit. Shall we see a repeat of them taking her license and her having to go to jail like Paris Hilton?

May 29, 2007, 10:28:00 AM
I just read a report that said Lindsay got so wasted at a club last night that she collapsed outside and had to be carried to her car.

Word is she's entering rehab (again) sometime today.

May 29, 2007, 10:49:00 AM
If she doesn't get some help soon,we'll be reading her obit.Sad stuff.

May 29, 2007, 11:01:00 AM
I guess she'll be going to Promises Residential Treatment this afternoon, and yeah, hopefully she'll get some help for these problems. I like to rag on her, but I give all actors and actresses a hard time.

I do sincerely hope she gets a grip before she ends up seriously hurting either herself, or god forbid innocent people when she decides to drive drunk.

Lane Garrison (Prison Break) just learned this lesson the hard way -- a kid is dead now because of his reckless actions.

I know she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, but the best thing right now - if you ask me - would be for her to drop acting altogether until this is under control. That kind of pressure just makes things that much worse.

May 29, 2007, 8:50:00 PM
Why is the ABC allowing these establishments to serve liquor to a minor? Lindsay is only 20, not 21. They should be cited and closed down because they are contributing to potentially major accidents and injury, because they are violating the law.

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