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Update: July 17, 2007

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Interview with David Goyer

  -  Digg!Submit to NetscapeBookmark at del.icio.usreddit has an exclusive interview with (along with a new unrelated trailer below in the quickies) dealing with one of his many recent projects, a film called . Goyer worked on the script for Batman Begins, though contrary to popular opinion, he was not the sole writer. He's also pretty well known for the , the short lived Blade TV series, and short-lived series Threshold.

Obviously his track record with television isn't so good. Here is an excerpt from the interview which you can read here.

CS: I guess because we're used to you as a writer, we just assume that you would want to direct things you've written.
Goyer: The irony is that I directed the pilot for "Threshold," that series that was on two season ago. I didn't write that, I didn't write this, and the two movies that I'm attached to direct right now, I didn't write either.

CS: Is this a conscious decision to move more towards directing and away from the writing?
Goyer: Yes, it has been a conscious decision to do more directing. I'll always be writing, but really in terms of directing, because of the vagaries of the business, my model has been to write something for myself to direct, and also try to develop something at the same time that someone else writes. It just so happens that in the last two instances, the movies that got greenlit first were the ones that I didn't write. It's just funny.

Funny, or an indication that maybe you shouldn't quit your day job (directing) anytime soon.

  • Some unknown named Shia LaBeouf was interviewed by People about his preparation for the new flick.

  • has a new trailer for about-to-be-released The Condemned.

  • Hitman is jumping from video game to the silver screen sometime later this year. I've never heard of the game and I'm not impressed with the writer. Of all his credits, 20th Century Fox felt the one worth mentioning was the absolutely horrid Swordfish. Obligatory linkage: Game, film, and press release. At least isn't doing it.

  • A Chinese student's short film about piracy and stealing won him a trip to Hollywood, where he can learn from the masters how to rip people off.

  • MSNBC will have the first debate of the 2008 presidential election cycle, featuring all the big Democratic candidates. Newsman Brian Williams will host the event at South Carolina State University on Thursday, the 26th. Chris Matthews will host the GOP debate next week in California.

  • From Variety and TV Squad, a number of new DVD's are set to hit the streets this week.

  • As I reported yesterday, Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of a film she was doing with Keira Knightley called The Best Time of Our Lives, who was quickly replaced by Sienna Miller. Turns out Knightley is pretty pissed off about it. Given her colorful history, what did Keira expect? Lohan isn't an actress, she's one perpetual party.

  • is pregnant with the evil spawn of . May God save us.
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