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Update: July 17, 2007

Thanks for visiting this site, but it is no longer being updated. I've moved on over to and I invite you to join me over there from now on. Thanks for your understanding.

April Updates

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As time passes, the world changes. As such, a few things I've written could use an update or two.

Anonymous comments in my post about the Discovery Channel/Deadliest Catch/I Shouldn't Be Alive/Cue11 song called "" have revealed that not only is there a purely instrumental version of the song available on the cue11 website, the version with vocals is now available directly from the Discovery Channel. Downloading it directly from either place is completely legal, since there are no restrictions on accessing the files. They are publicly available on both companies websites. Thank you commentators, Discovery, and cue11.

The Duke Lacrosse rape case is getting worse for the prosecution. Conflicting reports have the accuser refusing to testify, which will probably destroy whats left of the case. There's also been word that the accuser believes people are out to get her, and she is supposedly moving from place to place, afraid to call her own parents for fear they may somehow betray her location. Keep in mind that while she is playing 'where in the world is the duke rape accuser', she's toting around two young children. The defense is demanding any mental health records that may be in the possession of the prosecutor, and it's starting to paint a sad picture.

I wrote about the coming presidential elections just a short time ago, and a buddy of mine has also written about the two Democratic candidates that have so far announced. You can read about here, and here. I plan to continue writing on the story as time goes on as more people come out of the closet.

United 93 has debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. One woman whose daughter died on United 93 said "It's time for this. The public needs to know, they need to remember and know what the families have gone through." I couldnt' disagree more, frankly, 9/11 is something I will never forget, and I hate the people who made this film for forcing me to see and hear about it only 4 god damn years after it happened. It's sick. The films distributor is reportedly tossing around the idea of shipping about 100 family members of 9/11 to different theaters all across the nation in order to jerk the hearts out of the paying audience. All signs still point to this movie causing a significant amount of emotional damage and controversy, all so Universal can make money.

Word is out that Mary O. McCarthy, recently fired from the CIA for leaking classified information to Washington Post reporter Dana Preist is denying that she leaked the information, denies that she was fired because of it, and was reportedly only 10 days away from retirement. The CIA is now back tracking from their accusation, and will only say that she was fired for having "undisclosed contacts with journalists." Her lawyer is the hilariously named Ty Cobb, by the way. Can you say scapegoat? Yes, I think you can.

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