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Update: July 17, 2007

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What to think about 'Knocked Up'

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This comedy hasn't appealed to me much at all, most of them don't. I want the funny, but I want a story first, you can't have a movie without a story that's just a collection of laughs. This film struck me as one of those that forgot the story, and I was going to speculate as to how well it would do at the box office this weekend. With Friday returns in, there's no point, I know how it will do already, and some people just might be surprised.

Review site Rotten Tomatoes claims that according to their data, Knocked Up is the best reviewed film this year, among those that got an initial wide release (meaning many theaters.) That may be, but it's still a hot summer weekend, it's going up against incumbent Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and features no significant acting talent (notice I said significant talent, not pretty faces.)

If I had to guess without looking, I'd have said there's no way this movie breaks $30 million this weekend, probably half that. From Deadline Hollywood:
[...] they've gone from projecting it to finish in 3rd place with gross receipts of $20+ million, to 2nd place and $25+ million. People close to the film are wishing for more. "First, we hoped for $20M, then $25M and if we can make $30M we'll be ecstatic," one insider told me.

Friday proceeds saw Knocked Up bring in $9.8 million. Last weekend, every film but Pirates 3 went up on Saturday (avg 38.95%) and down on Sunday (avg -10.05%) which would put Knocked Up at 35.65 for the weekend. Not too shabby, and I'd have been wrong, but does it matter?

The film cost $30 million to make and will end the weekend with $35, but after you figure in theater share, you end up with $17.5. You know what? That's not bad either, it'll make back over half it's cost in the opening weekend, even though it looks fairly lame.

Well played.

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Jun 3, 2007, 10:28:00 AM
The previews on tv did not show the film well. We saw an extended trailer on a movie rental that explained the storyline much more. There is a story....very chick flicky...but I am happy to see the lead actress with her own movie. She has long been a favorite of mine since her stint as the overprotective bitchy alien on Roswell from the WB. I would like to see this movie do fairly well (not enough for a sequel but enough to get her more exposure).

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