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Update: July 17, 2007

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Tim Story inks another comic deal

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Fantastic Four director Tim Story has signed a deal to direct a feature film based on The Losers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Naturally, the studio treats Story as the sole creative force behind the two films, ignoring the contribution of writers Mark Frost (1&2), Don Payne (2), and Michael France (1), heaping praise and career rewards on the people who actually wrote the film. Yeah, forget the guys who sat down in front of a blank page and wrote every line of dialog, every word of action, turned nothing into something; just give all the credit and rewards to the bone head who sat behind the camera.

The camera, recording the lines of dialog they wrote, sitting in the location they decided it would sit at, while the things they created were captured on film.

Yes, I'm bitter. While there are some truly creative and genius directors out there, most of them are glorified coffee-fetchers. It's not that damn difficult to decide where to put the camera once literally everything else has been decided for you. If there are new deals to be signed and rewards to be handed out by the studio for the success of these films (and honestly the first one looked really, really bad) it needs to go to the people who were most responsible for the creative drive -- and that ain't the director.

Especially not a rookie like Tim Story, a guy who had a grand total of four directing credits to his name over the course of eight years before somehow landing Fantastic Four.

From the article..
"I told my agents I didn't want to do another comic book," Story said. "I had been in the world of fantasy and I wanted to do something very edgy, a realist action movie. I wanted to find something like a 'Bourne Identity' or 'Black Hawk Down."'

Sorry buddy, people like you don't get movies like Black Hawk Down. There's a reason Ridley Scott got that film and it ain't because he was lucky, and there's a reason you'll never get a film like that, and it ain't because you're not.

Hacks like Story have no business going anywhere near real films, let him drown in these mid-tier comic adaptations if that's what he wants. There are lots of good comics to adapt out there, but those are for good directors. If Story wants to live his life directing the bad ones, that's great. It keeps him from wasting good scripts and other peoples time.

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