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Ron Moore press call: full transcript on BSG ending

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Battlestar Galactica
I just ran across a full transcript of the press call where Ronald D. Moore announced that Battlestar Galactica was coming to an end after its fourth season. The news has been out, but I've not actually seen a recording or a transcript of the call until now. Here's an excerpt from the full transcript, via E! Online.

Reporter: Since Battlestar is so highly rated, was there any pressure from Sci Fi to try and drag it out for a fifth season or beyond?

Ron Moore: Well, there was a discussion as to how long it should go on, and to their credit, they were very sensitive as to what we wanted to do creatively on the show. It came from David and I approaching them and saying we felt the show had reached its third act and that it’s about the resolution of the series—and we feel that the storyline is propelling us toward the conclusion. They asked us questions about why we felt that way, and they understood the reason and wanted us to think about it for a while and make sure that this is what we wanted to do, but they didn’t really fight us on it. They expressed concern that the show might be able to go on longer and they we wanted to make sure we weren’t passing up opportunities to continue telling stories with the series. They were very accommodating, and when we, David and I, were clear that this is what we definitely wanted, they supported it.

I'd just like to note quickly that when the reporter said that BSG was "highly rated", he/she wasn't talking about actual television ratings -- those were falling, and in fact BSG hasn't been the Sci Fi Channels #1 rated show for a couple of years now. Last I checked, Eureka was holding the title.

What that person meant was that it was unversially liked by fans and critics alike, unfortunately that's just not enough most times.

The final season of Battlestar Galactica is already in production and will air sometime next year.

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