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Interviews: Bruce Willis and Justin Long

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If you don't know who Justin Long is, he's the kid who get his eyes eaten in Jeepers Creepers. 'Nuff said, right? Well I thought he did a pretty good job acting in that film, and I was a little surprised that he didn't show up in another big movie right after Creepers came out. Sure, it wasn't a huge hit itself, but it was a damn fine horror flick, and it was original. Shit, that alone should have qualified it for an Academy Award: films this year that were actually originals. (Interviews follow the rant.)

Justin Long has gone from being eaten by a monster to being shot at just for being in the same general area as Bruce Willis. Die Hard 4 is just around the corner, and Jen Wiseman interviewed them both recently about working together in the latest installment of the DH franchise.

First, Willis made statements a few weeks ago about how unhappy he's been with all the sequels, apparently DH2 in particular, believing none of them hold up against the original. I agree that they all fail where the first succeeded, which was one of the best examples of taking an ordinary guy and putting him in an impossible situation, allowing us to gleefully watch him try to extricate himself from the situation while killing as many bad guys as possible.

If you start off with that, you'll be just fine, but you need a unique and fun situation for that to work, and I didn't feel like 2&3 were all that unique, especially the second one. Oddly, I liked that one better than the third film.

Now that I've ranted, I'll actually give you the interviews. They were recorded, so you have two choices: video, or text. Here's an excerpt of the text.

Bruce Willis: All three of us are going to talk to you at the same time. [sounds of jets flying overhead and beeping of truck as it backs up] You couldn’t have picked a quieter place. Right? Unbelievable! [to Justin Long] Justin, c’mon buddy, double time. Hop on over. Quit flirting! Here you go! [to Len Wiseman as Justin runs over to join them at press table] Runs like a chicken! C’mon buddy! Get in there! We gotta get Len back to the editing room so he can actually finish the movie. I’m Bruce Willis from RC Cola [holds up can of RC Cola]. We’ve got to play to the microphone [rearranges microphones]. How you doing? How’s everybody doing? You guys aren’t smoking weed out there, are you?

Unidentified Journalist: I’m smoking weed.

Bruce Willis: Nice. Well then, there goes my second question.

I love Bruce Willis, the guy has done so many crappy movies over the years, yet so many excellent ones too. That's really the biggest compliment you can give an actor of actress, is that they just want to act. They love it, they can't not do it. If there aren't any good parts floating around, then they'll do some bad ones, just because that's what they love doing.

Can't say enough about Willis, and I'll see Die Hard 8,727,347, just to see him do his thing. It's always worth it.


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