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Update: July 17, 2007

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Hostel ends at II

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I can't say how relieved I am to report that Eli Roth won't be making a third installment of his torture porn series Hostel. That first one was just absolutely sickening. There was no plot, no point to it all, it was a sick pain and mutilation fantasy, and thankfully there's not going to be any more of them after this.
"No, there's part one and part two. There's Kill Bill I and Kill Bill II. There's Hostel: Part I and Hostel: Part II; no part III. I mean, never say never -- but, no. That's the story; there's part one and part two - it's over, I'm done with it."

Oh my god, tell me he didn't just mention his garbage in the same sentence as Kill Bill. That's just so incredibly wrong.

Speaking of torture porn, here's a fantastic new clip for your personal viewing pleasure, along with a slobbering IGN review.

The second review comes from Michael Guillen at TwitchFilm, who also praises the film. Here's a brief excerpt from his review: “Hostel 2 takes everything I found offensive about Hostel and ups the ante, becoming even more outrageous and, in the process, somehow funnier and—dare I say it?—more enjoyable. Perfectly pitched to the extreme, Hostel 2 emerges unabashedly camp and this is why it's a better movie than its predecessor." Another great bit of early feedback from a fairly anticipated big summer horror movie.

And people think porn is destroying our society? Give me a we're laughing and enjoying films that are 95% about people torturing other people in the most sadistic ways imaginable. Smooth.

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