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Update: July 17, 2007

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Fox masters human exploitation

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What else is there to say? Fox is the king of reality television, and reality television is nothing but the exploitation of societies misfits for the amusement of the rest of us. Nobody watches American Idol to see who will be the next spoiled music star with too much money and no common sense, they watch to see Simon be mean to people who can't fight back.

Nobody watches Dancing with the Stars to see what actor, actress, or other "celebrity" can prove they are nothing but highly trainable dogs, as opposed to skilled tradesmen in their chosen craft. They watch to see who is going to fall on their ass the most, and fail the most visibly.

Nobody listens to Rush Limbaugh because they like what he says or because they agree with him, the listen to hear what crazy and hateful nonsense will come out of his mouth next. Same as they do with Howard Stern.

It's all about exploitation; what poor schmuck can we put in a lose/lose situation next, just so we can have a good laugh? That's all it is, and Fox knows it, and so Fox has mastered it. As if something that plain needed to be stated, lest it be proven today with yet another show meant to degrade privileged young women.

No, there's no doubt about it, Paris Hilton surely inspired this one. Called Lady or a Tramp, "girls in love with the party life will be sent to a charm school where they will receive a stern course on debutante manners."

It's not even a competition, it's just screwing with privileged young women who had bad parents, watching them get run through the ringer, entirely for the amusement of us commoners. I mean come on, we might as well turn football stadiums into death bowls filled with gladiators. Don't get along with your neighbor? Fight him to the death, live on Fox following American Idol (Wednesdays!). We aren't very far from reverting to that, because the goal was the same as it ever has been: watch people suffer for the entertainment of the masses.

Things like this truly are a disgrace to society, and the fact that people watch and enjoy this crap says more about our problems than sex and violence ever will.

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