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Update: July 17, 2007

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Tribeca film festival kicks off with Spider-Man 3

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Bryce Dallas Howard (REUTERS)
When people envision film festivals, some how I don't think that soon-to-be mega budgeted star studded blockbusters like Spider-Man 3 are what come to mind first. Then again, not every film festival is a media whore and side show like is.

While the good intentions were there to begin with, this festival is anything but the place where you'd expect to see the latest indy projects debut in desperate attempts to land big name distributors and eventually make it into theatrical release

Now don't mistake my negative tone for a dislike of festivals, this festival, or Spider-Man 3, they are all fine as far as I'm concerned. But it just seems horribly disingenuous for the biggest film of the year, a guaranteed success of epic proportions, to debut at an event typically reserved for the little guys who are just trying to breath under the shadow of giants just like this one.

Variety is carrying a 'web-exclusive' which consists of blow-by-blow play calling of the line that winds into the theater while people are seated not moving. I'm deadly serious, they wrote an entire article just to talk about a long line going into a theater at a film festival.

They have another piece up from earlier in the night that actually has a few quotes from film luminaries such as Al Gore and Jon Bon Jovi. Wait...what? This is a film festival, right?

Before I jump into the quickies, I need to do something first.

Message from Gillian
Posted at 2:50 PM (PDT) on Monday, April 23, 2007

NOTE: This message is exclusively for Gillian's fans who visit this web site. Please do not publish the contents (partially or in full) anywhere else on or off the internet.

I'm sure this was written by the webmaster of the site, someone who is painfully unaware of how copyright law works. In the United States, there is a section of the law (17 U.S.C. 107) that grants the public exceptions with which they can use copyrighted material without the permission of the author. I can and will utilize that right here and now.

Anyway, the fact is, I have not written to the site in a while because I have quite frankly been afraid to. I was shocked or rather appalled that my last entry of ramblings was published. What happened? When did Everything and Everything become mass public consumption? Since when have I been writing a BLOG!!??? What happened to PERMISSION??!! I am so naive. So, needless to say, I am a bit aflumoxed, flummoxed, aflutter? Angry, about the situation and what is safe to write about anymore.

I assume this is related to the interview she did with a magazine during which she said she hated doing television, would never do it again, and that it was responsible for destroying society. Nice rant, but that's too bad. She opened her mouth and people wrote it down. The lesson isn't telling people to stop spreading your words, it's to keep your damn mouth shut so you don't say really stupid things anymore.
  • Studios are increasingly dumping the stars that created franchise films in favor of cheaper unknowns. Is this a sign that Hollywood is having a Wall Street'esque "correction" where the true value of actors is brought down to a manageable level? Maybe so, as it looks like Universal is already looking to replace Brendan Fraser for the Mummy series.
  • LOTR director Peter Jackson wants to adapt Alice Sebold's novel for his next project.
  • Google proves that when it comes to money, it wouldn't know its ass from its ***hole.
  • Did you know that Trey Parker alone writes every episode of South Park? Yeah, me either.
  • Fans in the U.K. aren't happy about TWC splitting Grindhouse into two films.
  • Gillian Anderson backtracks on saying she hates TV, that it is destroying our society, and that she'll never do it again.
  • SHH has an unattributed interview with Christian Bale (star of Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.)
  • Bruce Willis thinks it's strange to be famous, but presumably not so much when it comes to being filthy rich.
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