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Update: July 17, 2007

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SG-1 Alumna Bring us 'Sanctuary'

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With Stargate SG-1 entering the second half of its final season, the producers and some of the cast have been quietly working on a new series called Sanctuary (site), one that will air only on Internet for the time being.

Don't let the fact that it has an Internet-only distribution venue throw you off, this is far from an amateur production. Sanctuary figures to be the highest quality television-like content ever created for the Internet, and they've recently posted a five minute video preview, with the first two 'episodes' to come on the 14th of this month.

It looks as though while the first few episodes will be free, the rest will be pay-per-view only, which pretty much means nobody is going to watch it. Too bad, it looks really interesting. Here is the premise, from Wiki:

Amanda Tapping stars as 157 year old Dr. Helen Magnus, one of the first female doctors in the Royal College during Victorian England. She was engaged to Jack the Ripper, and also has a daughter by him, Ashley. However, Ashley does not yet know that Jack is her father. Dr. Magnus's father started a sanctuary for supernatural creatures, collected from all over the world. In her work with these creatures, Dr. Magnus has acquired her great longevity.

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