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Update: July 17, 2007

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Report: Joe Scarborough to replace Don Imus

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Well that's a shocker, somebody turns on a Mic and the first considerations are more conservative talking heads. Someone needs to shake the media and get them to realize we're not living in a country where conservatives are running the show anymore. I can understand when Republicans took both congress and the White House that the press settled in for the reality that we were all now living in a Republican world, and adjusted their business to match so they weren't left out in the cold.

Of course that's the most retarded thing they could do when it's times like that the people need a strong press willing to question anything and anyone to keep the worst abuses from going unnoticed (failed on that one very badly) but you've just got to accept that it did happen, and move on to what we've got today.

And what do we have today? Even with Republicans only controlling the White House now, the media is still content to roll over for them and pretend the only game in town is the conservative voice. This is just pathetic.

MSNBC is eying former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough as a possible replacement for its Imus in The Morning program, which it dropped last month.

While network executives emphasize that they have not made a final decision on a replacement for Imus -- who was dropped after directing a racial insult at the Rutgers University women’s basketball team -- they say Scarborough has impressed them on trial runs in the morning slot.

He's not a bad guy when MSNBC allows him to speak his mind instead of playing the part of their little conservative talking monkey, but he's a former Republican congressman for crying out loud, stop kowtowing to conservatives, people are sick of that. Scarborough's program is one of the lowest rated on the entire network, probably second worst only to Tucker Carlson. Who beats all? Keith Olbermann. What kind of voice is severely underrepresented on television right now? Liberal/moderate.

Scarborough is a great talker, which is why he's got a show in the first place, he'll probably do a fine job filling the spot, but there are other places to go for new talent. Wait, did I say new talent? Now there's a new idea, let's go out and try to find someone who isn't already on TV already!

Personally, I nominate Glenn Greenwald.

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