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Update: July 17, 2007

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End -- Reviews Galore

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With Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End set to sail into theaters at midnight for a Friday debut, the wire and blog scene is rampant with reviews from all four corners for the world. There's even new interviews, pictures, and video clips. You name it, it's out there, and I've got links.

You want reviews (and probably spoils, but that's how it goes)? I've got reviews. How about a trio from Ain't it Cool News to start things off.


The very first scene of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL sets in motion the events that reach their climax in the very last scene of the third film in the series, opening this weekend, and I would definitely recommend that anyone who is going to see the movie this weekend should start by watching the first two films again.


AT WORLD’S END is huge, easily bigger than the first two movies… I mean, the whole last hour is non-stop action… and good non-stop action, too. The movie seriously gets into this hyper overdrive and the pacing is incredible, switching from boat action to character duels to cannon fights to giant creatures.

And some love from Harry Knowles:

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END hasn’t yet come out, but there seems to be a trend to a lot of the criticism coming out thus far. Apparently the film was found to be confusing, convoluted and too complicated.

Let me see if I can simplify this for you.

Sorry, that's all you get. I'm not a syndicator and guys who genuinely love movies and take the time to write reviews like this deserve all of the traffic they can get -- plus, it's hard to post much without giving stuff away or posting obscene amounts of text to avoid context problems.

Just go read 'em, and maybe also possibly this silly AP Critic review.

I know you aren't here for those; I know what you really want..those pics and videos, right? Hold on, I forgot one other AICN review from Massawyrm, and news from TVG that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is telling people that Pirates 3 is the last one, at least for a while, and that's not exactly a surprise. They shot the second and third film back-to-back, so naturally it was going to take a long time, a ton of money, and a sizable chuck of of peoples lives.

Right, now the stuff I promised. Here's a bunch of new stills via and at least 4 new videos via IGN. Don't forget, the film probably opens at midnight everywhere.

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