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Update: July 17, 2007

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Pirates 3 Plunders Box Office

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Depending on where you look, Pirates 3 either brought in $112 million over the three-day weekend, or about $126m. It doesn't really matter since it's way off Spider-Man 3's domestic record breaking $159 million take, but also because that's still just an absolute ton of money, good for 5th all time for opens. When you look at over seas box office gross though, it's clear who the champ is today, and it ain't Toby Macguire.

On the overseas front, "At World's End" took in a monstrous $205.5 million internationally at 17,500 playdates in 102 markets.

That's $401 globally for Pirates 3 against Spideys $382 (first six days), and Pirates 3 hasn't even opened in China yet. I'd like to think that my predictions will hold true, that the third and (for now) final entrant into this trilogy will climb into the Top 10 for all-time gross sometime next month, something SM3 has failed to do.

Variety has all the details above.

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