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Update: July 17, 2007

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Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Getting Attention

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I've never seen Bowling for Columbine even though I've heard great things about it, nor the docu that proceeded it, but I've seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and though it was a "push docu" more than anything, it was still well done and very disturbing.

Seeing politicians admit that most of the bills they pass never get read was just a slap in the face, one that sadly didn't result in any changes to how our system works.

Those paying attention knew from the start that this one was going to be another solid kick to the genitals, because we all know just how pathetic our health care system is when compared to other developed nations. I mean, when you rank them, we're in company with Mexico as one of three (I think it's three) countries above a certain level of industrial development that doesn't have universal health care. That's beyond embarrassing.

The fatcat health insurance companies tried their best to make sure that no one within the industry talked to Moore, and now the Bush administration has initiated a politically motivated investigation into Moore's travel to Cuba, where he took several 9/11 workers to get the kind of health care they couldn't get here in the United States.

It won the top prize at Cannes and Fox News' Roger Friedman gave it high praise. AICN has posters and Variety had this to say about the film.

"People say I'm the propagandist, but I'm the one voice marching against the lies that are put on the American public," he said during a conversation held at AmPav. "How much longer am I going to be doing this? Taking shit for it, and then having people say three years later, 'Hmm, maybe he was right'? I'm a human being having to go through this and I don't enjoy it."

Can't wait to see it, maybe this one will cause a big enough stir to influence change.


  • Robert Rodriguez, for some unknown reason, wants to suicide his career. This pathetic spinelessness of Hollywood needs to stop.
  • "Should you be looking for Sarah Conner this fall?" -- No, IGN, it's being held back till the spring. Sleep through the upfronts much?
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  • Brett Ratner is one of the judges on Fox's new reality show where people try to make short films, or something. Why the hell would anyone want Ratner as a judge?
  • Rachel Weisz is starring in a new film based on the true story of an environmentalists "fight to save trees." I'm not kidding. Fighting to save trees: Good. Movie about fighting to save trees: Baaad.
  • AP has a review for Angelina Jolie's new film where she plays the wife of slain reporter Daniel Pearl. I've actually heard this movie is bad...and not in a good way. Of all the projects to screw up, this one should not have been laced with incompetent film makers.
  • Rumor: Karen Allen will return in Indy 4 to reprise the role of her character Marion Ravenwood.
  • AICN dug up a Wizard Posts A Kring/Lindelof Joint Interview!recent interview with Heroes/Lost creators Tim Kring and Damon Lindelof.
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