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Lindsay Lohan is a Very Serious Actress

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Even though she has already garnered a reputation as an unserious thespian with a tendency to back out of roles she has already agreed to, Lindsay wants you to know that she is very serious about acting and that her new film will prove it to you and the world once and for all.

And the star believes her performance as a kidnap and torture victim in I Know Who Killed Me will help her achieve that aim. She says, "I don't think there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long. "At first I was like, 'I can't do this, I'm getting my legs cut off. I don't want to look like that in scenes; I want to look decent.' But that was just me being young and stupid.

Well, no honey, you reneging on deals and being a drunk substance abuser is you being young and stupid, bet lets not get hung up on semantics.

"And I have my first sex scene in it, which I always said I wouldn't do. I wanted to do this movie so people can see that I'm a f**king actress and I've been doing it forever and it's about time people see that. It felt so good to really act. I just pray people won't rip me apart for it and be negative.

Pray all you want girl, you're going to get savaged because that's what critics live for, and I'm not really certain that sex scenes are considered "serious acting" unless you count Sharon Stone amongst the most talented "performers" in the field today. That I'm afraid is not exactly what you really want to aspire too, and just opening your mouth for those quotes is enough to make you look like a wannabe without a freakin clue what real acting is.

I want to get a nomination. I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than.

Yeah well, I want a pony. You don't see me crying about it though.
  • Even though Peter Jackson said he wanted to do a low-budget low-hassel film next, The Lovely Bones is being shopped around to several studios with an $80m price tag.
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  • Those annoying cavemen in the Geico commercials got their own TV show, and guess what? It sucks.
  • HBO will do a miniseries chronicling the Red Sox of 2004, the year they won the world series (first in like 80 years.) One presumes they'll leave out the 79 years where they didn't win a damn thing. (Based on a Stephen King book, oddly enough)
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  • Eric Roberts gives an interview with iF Magazine about his role in The Dark Knight.
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May 4, 2007, 10:39:00 AM
ROFLMAO. A bit Harsh much? No love for Lohan? Serious acting does not have a time limit on it. It doesn't matter if she has been acting her whole life....a good actress that does not make. She's not bad, in her previous disney style roles, but that doesn't take a LOT of skill. I would like to see her try broadway for awhile. Sex scenes and dismemberment doesn't qualify..hell Paris Hilton can do that and she sucks.

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