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Update: July 17, 2007

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Lindsay Lohan is totally screwed

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Lindsay Lohan
I've been accused more than once of having a slight obsession with Lindsay Lohan, and I want you, my favorite reader(s), to know that nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm actually obsessed with train wrecks.

You know she's in rehab (again), you know she has a drinking problem and a drug problem. You know she passed out in front of a club less than 24 hours before the rehab visit, but every day seems to bring worse news, and I'm just wondering what to start with, because it's all equally bad.

This story claims that Lohan backed out The Edge of Love due to the producers demanding she be drug tested, which she refused. I previously reported that she had renegged on the deal due to a conflicting schedule, which is what she was saying at the time, which now also makes her a big fat liar too.

Another story reports that Lohan's drinking escapades have goaded police into investigating clubs where rich young celebs hang out, finally having put two and two together, coming up with what was plainly obvious to anybody else with two eyes and a brain: these clubs pander to underage drinkers so long as they are filthy rich.

Now we're hitting rock bottom, with "anonymous friends" of Lohan are telling the press she attempted suicide not once, but twice in the same night. Once by slitting her wrists (or trying to) and another by over-the-counter drug overdose. This in the same month she was photographed snorting coke in a bathroom, and later when she crashed her Mercedes into a tree while intoxicated.

I used to take pleasure in making fun of Lohan because I have a singular hatred for wealthy and privileged people that piss their life away, and even more so those that place other peoples lives in danger. If she wants to OD in a bathroom, that's one thing, but to drive drunk and possibly take a family of four with her -- that really gets to me.

Not anymore though, at this point I actually feel bad for her. You can easily argue that with all that wealth, she above most people can afford to get help for these problems, the best help available on the planet, and that all the drinking, partying, and drug abuse is hell she brought onto herself.

Once you sink below a certain level, it's out of your hands, and I do think that's where Lohan's at right now. We'll see if she's serious about getting help this time, I recall her leaving the last rehab facility on a daily basis, having the balls to show up with her friends in bars during that stint.

She better mean it, otherwise she'll be dead before she hits 21.

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Jun 1, 2007, 2:55:00 PM
I think you are right to feel sorry for her. Not because she has such a terrible life and she's rich and famous blah blah blah..but because with all her potential and opportunity she obviously doesn't have a braincell in that pretty head of hers. If ignorance is bliss then why does she need all the drugs in the firstplace? The sad thing is that she does have the opportunity to make something of herself by getting help but child stars who make this much money don't think they have anywhere else to go....they are already on top so they make spectacles of themselves for attention...the squeaky wheel gets grease and all that nonsense...but moral decency doesn't count in this world today. I miss those good old fashioned values.....and our children's role models are taking them further and further away from decency.

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