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Update: July 17, 2007

Thanks for visiting this site, but it is no longer being updated. I've moved on over to and I invite you to join me over there from now on. Thanks for your understanding.

Jack is Back; Jericho Blown Up?

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It isn't hard to write short articles about what new series are going to be announced a day before hand -- we all have access to that information on one level or another. My efforts which I am timing to coincide with each networks upfront presentation are so far the most detailed you'll find anywhere, and as such, they are taking over two hours each to write.

This is the principle reason I'm not doing anything on renewals. There is too much to cover with the new shows to do anything substantive with the ones returning for another year.

Still, there are a number of things worth mentioning. I've heard that Fox is going to renew 24 for a two-year block, not the typical one-year, and that CBS is axing Jericho. Until Fox (Thursday) and CBS (Wednesday) give their presentations, these remain simply rumors. Also keep in mind that not being mentioned during the upfronts doesn't automatically mean cancellation.

CBS has a good long time to make a final decision about Jericho before it would be too late to go back into production.


  • The first episode of web-only series Sanctuary has been posted today, from the creators of Stargate: SG-1.
  • Survivor is losing viewers.
  • Bud Bundy was busted for carrying the bud.
  • Heroes was up a little on Monday, but was soundly trounced by CSI: Miami and Dancing with the Stars.
  • Watch the first five minutes of Hostel II by going to see Bug in the theaters. I'm not so certain subjecting an audience to a gross-out flick like Hostel when they sat down expecting something else is very kosher.
  • Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are adapting Belgian comics these days.
  • ABC wants to move Lost either 8 or 9PM.
  • Paris Hilton isn't the only spoiled rich person who is terrified of going to jail.
  • Ausiello is spooging about Bryan Fuller (Heroes) new ABC series, Pushing Daises.
  • J. J. Abrams (Lost) is starting a new series on HBO, one that sounds like it won't wilt and die after just three seasons this time.
  • Reviews for Nicole Kidman's Invasion are coming in at AICN.
  • Firstshowing has a trailer for the new Jason Statham vs. Jet Li all-action-no-story flick called War.
  • Collider has video from NBC's new The Bionic Woman and Journeyman.
  • Get your hands on a replica of the chest from Pirates of the Caribbean ($299 each, limited edition of 2000) and 6' tall 1:1 scale replica of a T-800 endoskeleton (Terminator) for the bargain basement price of $5950.
  • Shrek is getting a TV holiday special.
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Smith film-to-tv spinoff didn't get picked up by ABC this year.
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