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Update: July 17, 2007

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An Afternoon of Spider-Man 3 News

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Since we're just a couple of days away from the North American premier of Spider-Man 3 (in 4300+ theaters,) this afternoon's lead-ins seems as good of a place as any to bunch todays SM3 news together for your enjoyment. I'm betting though that people are sick of hearing about news and just want to get out and see the damn movie. Well, me too, but you can't for another two day bitches, so this will just have to tide you over until Friday.

First up is some sort of contest that Ain't It Cool News is holding where they are giving away two "busts", one of Spidey, the other of Venom, which is about three million times cooler and I want it even though I'm not that big of a comic fan.

Win the contest, or wait and buy one.

Sony updated the official film blogs, which really aren't blogs in my opinion since real blogs like this one update every single day and don't go away a couple of weeks after a film premiers.

Also coming out of AICN is another review of the film, this one by Moriarty's friends' mom, both of whom got to see it in an IMAX theater. Don't read it if you don't want to know what happens.

The last of the big stuff here, with landing an interview with James Franco (Harry Osborn) on Spider-Man 3, and a couple other projects he has going on. I'll repeat a fair warning from the interview page: "THIS INTERVIEW CONTAINS Spider-Man 3 SPOILERS."

(Movieweb): So you had an active role in developing the script?

James Franco: That's the great thing about, Sam. He's extremely collaborative. Since the beginning he's been collaborative. I remember on the first one, Tobey, Kirsten and I going in and the characters were just being filmed at that point. There were a lot of discussions about the characters, who they would be and how they would act. He really involved the actors and then from there on to the second and third films, he's become even more collaborative. Especially on this third one, he gave the actors a lot of room and responsibility that their characters were being portrayed properly and that the arcs are complete.

This is how it should be. Actors can have good ideas and they should be allowed to express them to the writer, but that's as far as the process should go. The writer accepts ideas he likes and filters out the rest, because only the writer is qualified to do the writing.

Check the top of the quickies for the rest of the SM3 news, it's kind of fluffy.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard enjoyed her experience doing a lot of stunts for SM3. You know how it is with actors, work work work all the time.
  • Hollywood continues its disturbing trend of debuting high-value American properties in foreign markets first.
  • TV Squad has last weeks ratings. Guess who won...again.
  • CBS is giving people the chance to see who can be the best pirate on a new reality TV show, so the rest of the world can laugh at their expense.
  • The Sci Fi Channel enjoyed a personal best in ratings for April.
  • Leo DiCaprio is going from over-hyped actor to Al Gore clone with a new documentary.
  • China blames its piracy-ingrained culture on American companies not doing enough to distribute the content legally in their country. Also, she was asking for it. Really, she was, did you see the way she was dressed?
  • Another spoiled debutantes wants to quit making movies because she can't stand being famous. Report: Will give up being filthy rich over her cold dead body.
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