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Update: July 17, 2007

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X-Files 2 in Development

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According to SCI FI Wire, has confirmed something that has been the subject of speculation for the past few years, that being a to the X-Files movie.

"Several people have e-mailed to ask about reports that the second X-Files feature is finally in the works," Spotnitz wrote. "A script is indeed in development, but I'm afraid that's all I can say. Thanks for your good wishes and support all these years."

The article mentions that is interested in reprising her role as Dana Scully, but that isn't the only news revolving around Anderson these days.

Anderson tells PageSix, "My God, I don't even watch television. I don't like television. I never have liked it. The whole concept of sitting down in front of a TV feels like one of the things that's destroying society, as far as I'm concerned."

That's a rediculous quote from a woman who would be waiting on tables in some filthy busy resturaunt right now if not for that oh so evil of devices that is destroying society. As far as I'm concerned, there is a deal to be made here. Gillian Anderson can give up every year of her life since television made her an international sensation (including the money) and she can have her dull average life back.

Yes honey, that means you won't be doing any more movies, stage plays, or acting of any kind because you'll be back to being a nobody. You'll be slugging through life just like the rest of us paying your bills week-to-week and borrowing your best friends car because yours is a broken down POS.

Anderson has been languishing in one low key failed movie after another ever since the X-Files ended but that doesn't matter to her, because she's filthy rich now, and that means being able to do and say whatever you want without any repurcussions.

Talk about being an ungrateful snob, I think I'll pass on X-Files 2 if that's how she's going to be.

  • The SCI FI Channel has picked up the rights to air season 3 of .

  • EP Bill Lawrence is telling people that there will be a seventh season of the show one way or another, even though NBC hasn't committed to it. Take claims such as this, even from the shows EP, with a grain of salt. EP's just run the show, if nobody will pay for it, it's not going to happen.

  • Vin Diesel's new pic is running into production problems, due apparently to disagreements between Diesel and the films director, Alain Goldman. Though directors can have ego problems, actors are practically born with them. Like him or not, Diesel isn't responsible for the movies production, and he needs to shut up and say his lines before he tanks the entire production.

  • Time Magazine doesn't have the first clue what a really is.

  • Incredible Hulk producer learns the fine art of backing up.

  • IGN has an trailer.

  • Reuters reports that pre-release tickets for are outstriping the previous film.

  • Speaking of Spider-Man 3, IGN has a bunch of pictures up. All I have to say is wow.
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