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Update: July 17, 2007

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Right-winger Deems a "hate site"

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I can't help but wonder what it must be like to live in a state of psychosis. If you and a thousand people surrounding you are all psychotic, does that make you normal and everyone else crazy?

I don't mine admitting that this isn't news, but sometimes you have to sit back and wonder just how crazy some people really are. I mean it's one thing to spew a line of BS to win points with your own crowd, but at what point is some level of intervention required? There has to be a tipping point when someone starts believing their own ravings and the community at large has to step in and say "maybe it's time you spoke with a doctor, or a mental health specialist."

I present you with one of these moments, care of a comment on discovered by my new hero, Glenn Greenwald.

The spin is that people of differing opinions are stupid, or incompetent, or just plain wrong. The psychosis is when differing opinions are hate speech or evil. The demonizing of descent is the demonizing of true democracy, and this is the real threat that faces America. Those who would destroy it in the name of protecting it need serious help before they lose their grip on reality altogether and "scorched Earth" becomes more than just hyperbole.

Thanks to Glenn for reading that crap so that I don't have to.

One thing before I go because this is relevant. Just a couple of days ago, an unnamed user on Newsvine was using the recent cold weather "surging" across the United States as proof that global warming is a false theory. I was a bit nicer than this, but sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind.

(5) Although it is a heated competition, I think the single dumbest and most intellectually dishonest rhetorical tactic -- wielded most prominently by Drudge but with plenty of followers doing the same -- is from those who cite cold weather conditions on a given day in order to impliedly discredit the worldwide consensus of climatologists and other scientists on global warming. It would be as if someone constantly linked to individual obituaries as proof that world population is not really growing. It is that dumb and dishonest.

The IPCC has now progressed passed this stage, they've determined that global warming is real, and should be moving on to the middle report before they land on mitigation. The IPCC is a UN panel comprising hundreds of scientists and has representatives from all the majority countries on board. The recent January report (I think it was January) stated in no uncertain times that global warming is real, and likely caused by humans. The extraordinary thing about this is that the President of the United States still denies global warming, yet the United States is a co-chair of IPCC, meaning the United States official position via the IPCC is that global warming is real, and we're the cause.

We signed off on it, even though Bush won't accept it, he'd rather live in blissful denial. Denial that the war intelligence was wrong, denial that it was his fault and responsibility for repeating it when the CIA told him not to, denial that the war can't be won, denial that global warming isn't real -- perhaps the one who needs mental health intervention is our President.

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