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Update: July 17, 2007

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NBC to Alec Baldwin: You're Staying Put

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It was reported yesterday that Alec Baldwin was either asking to be let out of his contract for 30 Rock -- a troubled NBC comedy that recently was graced with renewal for a second season -- or was offering to leave for the betterment of the network. I find the former situation to be most likely, but news today indicates that NBC has no intention of letting Baldwin's personal problems get in the way of him fulfilling the terms of his contract with 30 Rock.

A close pal of Baldwin's confirmed the actor will complete his obligation to the program, despite telling talk show The View early yesterday he "couldn't care less" if he never acted again.

Leave it to an actor to remind us all how little their legal and moral obligations mean to them. The only thing that matters is them getting paid, and them getting what they want, all else be damned.

I consider begging out of your contract for unimportant reasons such as this to be one of the most unprofessional and ridiculous things you can do in Hollywood. I mean what did Alec think his signature on a document that was immediately scooped up and carted off by 10 corporate lawyers really meant, they just wanted his autograph?

Honestly though, NBC should have let Baldwin opt out (and return his contract money of course) to free up a better timeslot and resources for Studio 60, the far better show of the two.

Todays quickies have been brought to you by...Alec Baldwin's grumpy ego.

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