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Update: July 17, 2007

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Movement on the Comic-to-Movie Front

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I have more Spider-Man 3 fodder this morning, along with Wolverine and Batman info.

SCI Fi Wire has quotes from a recent conversation with Thomas Haden Church, who plays villain Sandman in the upcoming third installment of the Spider-Man franchise. Church is taking credit for "providing the emotion-packed performance references for the scene in which his computer-generated character comes to life from a pile of sand." You know, as opposed to the extremely talented and hard working CGI artists that actually did the work.

"For my character, it's my favorite scene," Haden Church said in a news conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., last week. "That scene, [another in which] I emerge from the 18-wheeler ... sand truck and the end of the movie, all of that is built upon a performance that I gave. We would set up multiple video cameras, and I would act out this whole kind of muted, primordial performance or ... sequence, and then ... all of the people involved in the special effects ... would start building upon that."

A comic fan site has new photos from the set of Batman: The Dark Knight, apparently from someone outside the set. You can't see anything interesting so don't go over there expecting something professional meant for public release. They also have appears to be a casting call sent via e-mail for Wolverine, but whoever posted the story didn't include the link to the place where you can sign up, making it utterly useless. Anyway, it means they are officially in pre-production which is great news because money has been allocated and contracts have been signed, making it difficult if not impossible to pull back now.

Two other bits of news from the same site regarding Spider-Man 3.

Saturday, April 28, the channel will be airing "On the Set: Spider-Man 3" featuring interviews with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, plus behind-the-scenes footage and clips from the film. The special will air at 10:55pm (ET/PT)

Since the poster couldn't decide which time zone to use, I looked it up myself. The special starts at 10:56PM EDT, which would be 7:56PM PDT and is only scheduled to last 19 minutes. It will repeat on the 29th at 1:56AM, 6AM, 7:45AM, 10:45AM, and 5:10PM, all EDT, and not all on the same Starz channel. Check your local listings for more specific information, but I see it repeating several times throughout the following week.

They link to a "promo" clip for the "special" here, and a fluff piece from Sony as a vlog from the films 1st AD

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