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Update: July 17, 2007

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Map Sweeps Underway

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May is one of four periods when Nielsen begins collecting viewer kept diaries and the networks try to artificially pump up their ratings by cutting back on reruns and airing consecutive all-new episodes of popular series -- this in an attempt to look as good as possible when the numbers come in. For 2007, "May Sweeps" runs from April 26th through May 23rd. Other dates this year are July 5-August 1, and Nov 1-28.

Through the first three nights, the Alphabet web held a slight edge on the Eye in adults 18-49, with CBS taking the lead in adults 25-54 and total viewers. Fox, with its midweek combo of "American Idol" and "House," is expected to win the month in 18-49, but ABC could be a force to deal with.

On Thursday, according to Nielsen, ABC kicked things off with a victory over CBS in 18-49 (5.2 rating/14 share to 4.8/13) -- the first time the net has started the May sweep on top in at least 15 years. And on any May sweep Thursday, it's ABC's best average since a celebrity edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in May 2000.

Variety's Rick Kissell has declared ABC and CBS the front-runners of a race that nobody cares about. ABC and CBS are in a virtual tie thus far, but only because House and American Idol haven't aired yet. NBC predictably is pulling up the rear.

Here is a short bit from AICN on a new project from Ridley Scott (great) and Russ Crowe (narcissist.)

NOTTINGHAM, a twist on the Robin Hood character that paints the Sheriff of Nottingham as a noble and just lawman struggling under a corrupt king.

There are three videos pirated from the Spider-Man 3 special that aired on Starz a couple of nights ago. Watch them, then report them for copyright infringement because stealing is bad, mmkay. (1, 2, 3)
  • The studios are raking in record profits this spring, raking up $1,200,000,000 so far with Spider-Man 3 certain to inflate that number. Disturbia came in tops over the weekend, with The Invisible and big disappointment Next rounding out the top 3.
  • Darren Aronofsky is doing a script about Noah (yes, that Noah.)
  • George Lucas is doing documentaries for the History Channel. Can you say jealous?
  • Nicolas Cage's new flick Next is a bit of a bomb.
  • Universal may pick up an adaptation of a BBC mini about a detective that tries to solve a murder mystery before he goes blind.
  • They also bought a comedy script on spec by the writers of Wedding Crashers.
  • Madonna's prod company is doing a horror film called Diggers. Report: anonymous sources say they are digging for the talent and fame she lost.
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