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Update: July 17, 2007

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Kirsten Dunst and Topher Grace talk Spiderman 3 to SCI FI Wire

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SCI FI Wire has a couple of fluff pieces up for with quotes and info from actress and Spidey 3 villain who will play Venom. For the news bit, there are reports than Spiderman 3 will debut internationally in China on May 3, and then May 4 in North America. Grace talks up the obvious benefits of getting to play the bad guy.

"There's a lot of freedom with a bad guy," Grace said. "When you're a protagonist, whenever you go a certain distance away from the center, ... a bell goes off, because you have a responsibility to the audience to be very real. So they can kind of relate to you. But when you're a bad guy—especially when you're me, who's kind of a psycho alien from outer space— ... like, the bell doesn't go off as many times."

In other words, bad guys to get do all the crazy fun stuff, like scaring the hell out of innocent people, blowing things up, and generally causing complete mayhem and bedlam in the pursuit of The Plan™.

I'm kind of hoping that Spidey 3 will take some chances where the two previous films have not. They pretend to be all about the drama, but the audience knows about too many certainties that rob the film of true risk and danger. For example, we know Spiderman will beat the bad guy at the end, we know Mary Jane will always survive whatever peril she is placed in, and we know that with few exceptions, there won't be any real dark-hearted situations with questionable actions on the part of our good guy -- ground that is ripe for exploring but a place that few of these comic adaptations have the guts to go for.

I understand that they want to protect the PG-13 rating, but that doesn't mean you can't still kill people, and have sad parts with real emotional conflict with real life consequences.

For her part in all of this, Kirsten Dunst seems happy to actually have a real part to play in the third film.

"We leave the second [movie] with a lot of hope and openness for their future, and we start off at that point in the film, and Mary Jane is successful on Broadway, and I think that she's putting a lot of her confidence into her work, which isn't the best place to put it," Dunst said in an interview in February.

Dunst added: "[She] has false confidence and is so happy, and you basically watch her deteriorate through the entire film. She gets beat down and beat down and beat down."

Hot damn, now you're talkin. Nothing makes me happier than a film that is willing to buck its own trends and play it loose for a while to see what's really buried beneath the surface of the characters. They aren't made of glass, so don't treat them like it, and remember that a supporting cast isn't just there to nob to the hero whenever he speaks.

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Apr 9, 2007, 1:15:00 PM
I think the Raimi-Venom is a great deception for all that Venom fans. It seems Sam Raimi had an accurate perception about what thing Venom should be for Spiderman Universe. Unfortunately, in its very own creativity, Sam eliminated all the symbolisms that many drawers, despite small changes, knew to preserve.

GREAT WHITE LOGO IN CHEST. Contrast between white and black means danger, “be careful”, poisson. Just look at the nature, any bug with this color pattern is saying “hey, buddy. Stay away”. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a tiny grey spider, barely visible.

GREAT TEETH ALWAYS EXPOSED. This means aggression and violence at extreme and permanent. Is not Venom this, always?. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a couple of big lips covering mostly time tiny teeth. Just look at the production photos. I hope he is smiling or yawning all the movie, that’s will be the only way to see that teeth.

HEIGHT. Size matters. It means power and implicit domination. Instead, Raimi-Venom is almost a dwarf.

GREAT TONGUE. Sadism and cruelty, they are basic in Venom’s personality. If it has, Raimi-Venom doesn’t shows anything like that.

Sam Raimi… destroyed all symbolisms in Venom, so….. you destroyed Venom.

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