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Update: July 17, 2007

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David Goyer is a Busy Man

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Goyer must be working on like one-hundred different things all at the same time with all the news I see about the guy, and I can't help but wonder if maybe he's just floating projects with the media to get attention. Take this report for example where Goyer says that he will be co-producing a film based on book called Here, There Be Dragons, which apparently has something to do with J.R.R. Tolkien's life. But then it it goes from co-producing to Goyer directing the film, "if the timing works out."

Well now wait a minute, is he going to produce it, or direct it? And isn't Goyer a writer? Maybe he shouldn't be any of these things, because the man seems terminally attracted to remakes, something I really loathe unless there is a real good reason for doing them.

So now we have this, which I'll address in just a moment.

Batman Begins writer David Goyer told SCI FI Wire that his updated version of David Cronenberg's classic SF-horror film Scanners will expand on the 1981 original and place it in the context of current events. "One of the ... things that's also great about Scanners was the fact that Cronenberg embeds so much subtext into his stories," Goyer said in an interview while promoting The Invisible, his upcoming supernatural film.

The Invisible? Somebody needs to tell this guy that "I'm thinking about it" doesn't count as a firm commitment to actually do something, much less see a feature film go from idea to the silver screen. With the exception of actors, these things generally eat a year to a year-and-a-half from your life and he's floating three or four projects at once. He's either full of it, or I'm extremely jealous.

Now about the remakes, I take issue with the "place it in the context of current events" remark. That is not why you do remakes, principally because it's not compelling to the audience. Being able to see a 2007 Prius instead of a 1980's Ford POS isn't worth wasting the money on a film that wasn't all that successful in the first place, much less introducing current political events. People go to the movies to escape that stuff, not to be plastered with it and preached to.

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Apr 11, 2007, 8:47:00 AM
Goyer was also working on bringing the Flash to the screen with Warner; rumor was he wanted Ryan Reynolds in the role, which I thought could have worked out alright. It's all fallen through now though.

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