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Batman Sequel 'The Dark Knight' Character News

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had a talk with writer where he revealed that the Harvey Dent character will appear in , but probably not as Two-Face. First of all I find it kind of amusing that anybody thinks they can keep plots secret on Hollywood. All of that information is going to leak out eventually either from low-level grunts working on the production like grips, or the inevitable test screenings. Why even bother? I mean when has a movie plot ever been so daringly original that it had to be kept so secret so nobody else would take the 1.5+ years required to write make a movie on purloined ideas?

You know one of the first things they tell new writers is that ideas are worthless anyway, the gold is in the ability of a pro to turn an idea into a compelling story that people would want to pay money to see in a theater.

And it's not like Goyer is known for breaking new ground either. He's a fine writer, but is he known for stunning the audience with brilliant new ideas? Not so much.

The Dark Knight will reportedly feature the Joker (Heath Ledger) and Dent (Aaron Eckhart) as the nemeses of Batman (Christian Bale). "All I can say is some people raised their eyebrows when they heard there were going to be two villains in the first film [Batman Begins], but I think that one worked out just fine," he said.

First of all no, people were raising their eyebrows because your closely guarded plot secrets are that you're treading on old familiar ground already, and frankly anyone who tries to play the Joker after Jack Nicholson did it is going to fail. If that weren't enough, that lame egg of a film called Batman Forever, lest you forget, already had two villains in it: Two-Face and The Riddler. Oops..

So yeah, even though Batman Begins was a fantastic film, I'm not holding my breath on this next one. I've said this time and again, the people in Hollywood need to stop being complete cowards and start breaking new ground. Audiences are getting sick of this remake/rehash crap.

According to SCI FI, The Dark Knight will debut in July of next year. Read the rest of this if you wish, there isn't much there.

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