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Update: July 17, 2007

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You Can't Retire From Blogging

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Disagree all you'd like, if you quit doing something that you've only been working on for a few years, then quitting is all you're doing. Retiring means leaving behind a career or activity that you've been doing so long that you can hardly remember when it all began. You hated the work and are thankful it's over with, yet looking back, it defines the majority of your good years in life. Sound anything like blogging? Didn't think so.

Nobody can retire from blogging because it just hasn't been around long enough to qualify. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

If and when some blogger or blog with contributing editors has reached the rip old age of thirty, then they can retire. But two or three years? Congratulations on having the attention span of a gnat. The reason I'm bitching is two fold: it's why I started this blog, and two of the blogs I read have just been shut down by Weblogs Inc.

For those who don't know, Weblogs Inc. doesn't care about the content, or the community, or their writers. They care about making money from advertising dollars. They are mercs in it for the cash, pure and simple.

Yesterday I found out that was "retiring" and the writers were moving over to TV Squad. Firstly, no, you aren't. Sorry guys, you've only been blogging since May of 2005, which makes your blog just about 19 months old, not even two full years. You are being shut down, deleted, removed, replaced, excised, killed, annihilated, kicked over, and snuffed out. You are not retiring.

This morning I found a similar notice on, another Weblog Inc. site. Cardsquad reached its two-year anniversary at the beginning of last month, and likewise doesn't qualify for and hasn't earned the right to "retire". You guys too are simply being canceled, shut off, pink slipped, crushered.

My personal grievance is with the fact that I read both of these blogs and I find it incredibly irritating that Weblogs Inc. is shutting them down. Though I don't really care why, I can't help but assume it's for financial reasons, though how that could really matter when your entire business is 95% text and one single template copied across the entire network, one that reminds me of those little 10x10 pixel bitmaps that used to be considered wallpapers that came with Windows 3.1. You know the ones, the stupid little blue bubbles.

Two points: you can't retire until you've been doing it a hell of a lot longer than two years, and killing blogs I read for no reason is guaranteed to sour my day. But thank God we all still have the pleasure of reading Slashfood and Blogging Baby.

Whatever would I do without you?

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