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Update: July 17, 2007

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Pope Endorses Science, Says Birth Shouldn't be Allowed

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The leader of the largest institution of organized bigots in the world, pope Ratzinger, accidentally endorsed science and blasted the act of procreation while addressing a conference this weekend.

Ratzinger's principle statement was that that no human law can overturn natural law. I imagine the audience was quite amused at the nonsensical prospect. After all, natural laws are the laws of nature, and therefore the laws of science that govern our physical existence. Who knew the Pope was actually a fan of rational thought and understanding?

Sadly, the king of the fundies speech quickly degraded into hate-speech, hailing the discrimination against gays before accidentally saying that "Natural law", in his opinion that of God, exists to stop people from being born.

I know, maybe the church needs to have potential Pope candidates head's examined before they are installed as the worlds number one bigot.

Natural law has "concrete applications" such as protecting human life from conception to its natural end, and the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, Benedict Ratzinger said.

Well now, that's interesting, isn't it? The Pope just said that human life must be protected from conception, e.g. it must not be allowed to happen. I'm sure that's not what he meant to say, but since he just endorsed science by placing the laws of nature above human law, one must consider whether or not the Pope is perhaps mentally unstable.

I'm taking shots at the church and the Pope for good reason, because they deserve the attention. The hate speech coming out of the church is little different than what Amanda Marcotte and Elisabeth McEwen have been accused of over the past week, while their targets of criticism got a free pass. That's unacceptable.

The fact is the Roman Catholic Church is the reigning institution of hate and bigotry in the so-called civilized world, and this past weekend the head of that church gave a speech filled with hate towards other human beings mixed with the politics of abortion. For that, they should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing good comes from hate, and of all people, they ought to know better.

If you think I'm being hateful myself and unfair, then you are entitled to that opinion. I wouldn't generally be inclined to write something like this because from top to bottom it's nothing but a hit piece intended to make the target look bad without saying anything of substance. In other words, I'm doing to the church what the religious extremists (and conservative bloggers) did to Marcotte and McEwen.

Marcotte was harassed so badly that even after John Edwards gave her his personal support, she quit the campaign when it became overwhelming. The harassment made it in her opinion impossible to help the campaign in a positive way, so for the time being, and seemingly always, the true bigots win the day.
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