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Update: July 17, 2007

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News Batch: Mummy 3, Heroes, Jericho, Lost

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SCI FI Wire has a bunch of news today, starting with information on the plot of the The Mummy 3, which will be directed by Rob Cohen. Cohen's last flick was the massive failure Stealth. Writing will be Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, whose careers consist mostly of unspectacular television. The pair co-created the cable series Smallville for the Netlet The CW. Chances of this film being any good are about one in fifty, or worse.

"Stephen Sommers [who wrote and directed the previous two films] and his partner, Bob Ducsay, ... approached us and said, 'Steve doesn't want to write the third movie. Would you guys be interested?'" Gough said in an interview. "And we were like, 'Well, it's a third.' But then they had a concept for it that we really liked. They had an idea for the movie, which is something we always wanted to do. So we're like, 'Well, if we don't do it, they're going to do it in this movie.'"

With no guarantee that Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz (the latter of the two not exactly being a spectacular draw anyway) will make a return for the third feature, this has all the makings of a high-budget bomb. Mummy 3 is due out next year.

More information trickling in from the Television Critics Association, where Heroes "star" Greg Grunberg says his character will be featured more prominently in the second half the the shows debut season. Heroes will return tonight at 9pm. I still believe that the production staff will lose control over the shows development heading into season 2, let's hope they gain some writers discipline in a real hurry.

Another show that is heavy on mystery and light on story closure will see the history of its main character revealed in the coming second half.

Lennie James, who plays the mysterious Rob Hawkins on CBS' post-apocalyptic series Jericho, told SCI FI Wire that writers will begin to fill in the details of his character's past when the show returns from hiatus next month. "He's got a storyline that's kind of coming up, [where] he goes someplace where you really didn't expect him to go," James said in an interview at the Television Critics press tour in Pasadena, Calif., last week. "And maybe Hawkins will come back around. And also one of the other things that's happened is that, because of where we've come back, in episode 12, there's an arc that happens for Hawkins and his family that drags us to episode 15 [and then episode] 16."

It was revealed earlier that star Skeet Ulrich whose history is also shady will see more screen time in the coming year.

Jericho will return to CBS with a recap episode on Feb. 14. New episodes begin airing the following week at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

And finally, Daniel Dae Kim tells us of how in its third season, ABC's lost still experimenting with ways of telling stories. Apparently the answer is just do things randomly until you find something that still stick on the wall.

the upcoming second half of the third season will focus on the entire cast, rather than the story of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, which was showcased in the first six episodes of the season. "It's been a season of transition, I think," Kim said in an interview at the Television Critics press tour in Pasadena, Calif., last week. "Because we went from an ensemble show to one that focused on a smaller number of characters. So for a lot of us, it's meant having more free time than we originally thought. But now it's changing again, and we're getting back to the island, and we're finding a rhythm."

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