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Update: July 17, 2007

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Lost's Disappearing Audience Prompts ABC to Reconsider Future

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Variety is reporting that ABC is already plotting the death of its fallen star, Lost. The drama has been falling in the ratings, down half or more from it's season two premier. Audiences have moved on to other shows that are actually capable of telling a coherent story, rather than stringing together a series of random and aimless events that no direct or conclusion. Heroes appears headed in this direction, though it won't be certain until a ways into the second season. Heroes will debut the second half of its first season sometime later this month.

"It's time for us to find an endpoint to the show," said Cuse, speaking Sunday at ABC's portion of the TV Critics Assn. press tour. "It's a struggle for us, because we don't know if we have three years, four years or more to go. If we had an endpoint, then we could figure out where everything goes." Such a move would placate fans of the show, who frequently gripe that they have no indication whether the show's ever-increasing mysteries will pay off. A set timetable would send a message to viewers that all of their questions will be answered eventually.

If you are a fan of Lost, then I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. These guys can't ever pay anything off because they are hacks that got extremely lucky by riding the crest of the serial drama surge. The acting is weak, the nonexistent stories are uncompelling, and people are leaving every season for better written shows. The truth is, Lost is dying from failure, not because the producers and network feel it should come to some amicable ending. Any show with half a future will be milked until the bitter end. When you hear things like this, it means the stench overwhelming the shiny appearance, and it's time for this one to be buried.

Cuse pointed to "The X-Files" as "a great show that probably lasted two seasons too long."

The X-Files was light years better than Lost and lasted about four seasons too long. The lesson hasn't been learned, obviously, only admired. Lost needs to go off the air this year, not in two years: now. There are far too many bright rising stars in the lower ranks that can better fill out the air with engaging drama that makes you think and weep at the same time. The world has had enough of being confused all the damn time. I mean come on, a polar bear on a tropical island? Grow up.

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