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Update: July 17, 2007

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Are Republicans Terrorists?

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No politician, analyst, operative, or scholar now doubts that Republicans run their campaigns on the backs of terrified Americans. Telling the public that if Democrats take control of Congress and the White House, that the likelihood of future terrorist attacks will increase, is tantamount to saying that if you vote Democratic this fall, you're going to die.
That is an attempt to keep political power by making people afraid, and look at the very definition of the word:
Terrorist: A radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
Is Bush's Republican party in the same vein as Osama Bin Laden's group? Bin Laden kills in the name of God; Bush evokes the name of God during every State of the Union speech and has practically said that his action against terrorism is divine. Remember the original name of Bush's plan? I believe Crusade was a word featured prominently.

Bin Laden attacked the United States by flying planes into buildings that resulted in the deaths of 2,893 Americans; Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, and that has resulted in the deaths of 2,784 American soldiers (20,000 maimed and wounded), 43,937 dead civilians in Iraq alone.

When your actions, direct or not, result in so many innocent people killed (along with your own), does it matter why you are there? Does it matter what your mantra is, whose God you pray to, or whether or not you think you're the good guy fighting the good cause? The dead make no such distinctions.

The very foundations of this country have been the freedoms provided by the Constitution, and our President routinely tosses it aside in the name of his holy war. Without Habeas Corpus, any American citizen may be arrested and detained without charge or trial, indefinitely, with no cause and absolutely no recourse within the courts.


The President now has this power, to designate any human being anywhere, as an enemy combatant. Terrorists abroad, illegal immigrants at home, your neighbors, your sons and daughters, and even you.

The security to speak freely within your home without the fear of having the government spy on you has passed; the Fourth Amendment gutted and forgotten. Republicans do not want you to be able to vote without showing photo ID (ruled unconstitutional by many courts) and when boarding aircraft (ruled legal.) How long before every state has check points at their borders with attack dogs and machine guns?
  • Let us search your car.
  • Tell us why you wish to enter.
  • What are your political affiliations.
  • Show us your papers.
The Soviets did this to Germany and now the neo-cons do it to America.

You may ask how I can complain about stupid Republican condemnations of Democrats, and then turn and do the very same to them. I do it because the people in Congress and in the White House are supposed to be the very model of an upstanding citizen that leads the country by example, and so I am acting as I have seen my leaders act. I am throwing around ridiculous immature and irresponsible hate speech, because according to Bush, since he does it more than just about anyone, it's an okay thing to do.

I have learned from my leader, President Bush, that I can say anything I want, even if it is a blatant lie. I can say this country now stands for torture, and that the Republican party under Bush is a terrorist organization. Who can tell which is the truth, and which is the lie, when we get a little of both each and every day from those who were supposed to be above it all.

Come November 7th when Republicans find themselves out of power for the first time in a decade, they'll have only themselves to blame. With no judge too conservative, and no piece of legislation too controversial, they had the ability to launch any war, and do anything they saw fit without limit.

Rather than working with Democrats to better this country for all of its citizens, instead of just Republican citizens, they turned their backs on their responsibilities. They did what was best for them -- and them only.

The debate over stuffing the courts with conservative ideologues was one that should have never had to take place. Most Democrats I know and have talked to about the issue have never wanted the Supreme Court loaded with liberal judges, because it's inherently biased. Judges should make decisions based on the merits of the case before them, according to the law of the land. They should not lean left nor right, so that all persons who appear before them will be treated fairly.

Republicans don't see it that way. They want conservatives on that court so that the conservative dream is both upheld now and expanded into the future. They don't want the court to be fair to everyone, they want it to be fair to their own kind, and fuck everyone else.

That arrogance and immaturity will cost them dearly during these mid-term elections, and most likely into 2008 as well. And they will have no one to blame but themselves.

NOTE: I just saw our President mocking Democrats about having thought that Joe Lieberman was good enough for us to be the Vice President, but now he is not good enough for our party. For the record, you stupid bastard, we didn't pick Lieberman for Vice President, Al Gore did. We don't get to make that choice, you moron.

And unlike you and your party, you utter retard, we do not rubber stamp our legislation, and so we do not rubber stamp our legislators either. When they cease representing us, they cease representing period.

Grow up.

Second note: Someone just asked if the story is now Foley, or really the cover-up. Now I think the answer is this, the cover-up is what is keeping the story alive in the media and in peoples minds, but Foley is what will cost them votes on the 7th. Think about that, it couldn't possibly be worse.
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