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Update: July 17, 2007

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Terrorism is Flourishing in Bush's New World Order

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The War on Drugs Terror just went into the shitter. Pakistan has sided against us, Iraq is in a state of civil war, and Israel is ready to invade Iran. Do you f**king miss Bill Clinton now?
Step one to hell: Pakistan signed a pact with the militant Taliban, our enemies in Afghanistan. Pakistan is withdrawing troops from the border and disengaging the enemy. Pakistan will be re-arming the Taliban, our enemy, under the agreement, and releasing fighters back into the wild.

Step two to hell: Pakistan has announced that Osama Bin Laden has essentially been granted asylum in Pakistan, our supposed ally. While unfound, he will not be searched for. If found, he will not be detained.

Step three to hell: Pakistan, a nuclear nation, will now openly harbor Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists. Pakistan's military couldn't even take on the Taliban, and now the combined forces of these two terrorist organizations will gain unfettered access to a nuclear-armed country. India, who also has nukes, will not tolerate this.

This is all happening under George Bush's watch. His stated goal of bring stability to the Middle East at the barrel of a gun has failed. Republicans have failed. We have failed.

Vote Democrat this fall. End the madness.
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