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Update: July 17, 2007

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Right-wingers Are Crying

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Right-wing blog babies are crying because somebody decided to adorn a September 11th memorial in Arizona with nuggets of truth about Bush. Most of them are hardly poetic, but they get the job done.
  • "You don’t win battles of terrorism with more battles." - Not bad.
  • "Congress questions why CIA and FBI didn’t prevent attacks." - If anything, this is a joke. Congress held zero hearings into why the CIA, FBI, and Bush administration didn't see the attacks coming. Nobody got fired over 9/11. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for 9/11. The conservative blog babies have nothing to complain about here.
From the article: "It’s a worldview that is critical of America, and in many cases cheapens 9/11," said Greg Patterson, a lobbyist and consultant who operates the EspressoPundit blog, where he and his readers have been critical of the memorial. "It is bent on attacking the Bush administration’s take on the war, at the expense of the memory of 9/11."

I'm not sure how you can "cheapen" a terrorist attack. It sounds an awful lot like 9/11 was a great opportunity for these right-wing extremists - something to be taken advantage of. 9/11 was a victory for Republicans because it showed them how powerful they can become when Americans are scared. Bush is running on a campaign of scaring the hell out of the country, and how dare people "cheapen" their election device.

If that monument said things critical of President Clinton, they wouldn't be saying a damn thing. Well guess what guys, we're making a new movie this year and I'm dedicating it to you. It's called Path to Democratic Victory on November 7th. It won't be airing on ABC or the Disney channel any time soon, but you'll be able to catch it on every news channel and read about it in every paper in the country soon enough.

Your time is running out.
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