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Update: July 17, 2007

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Republicans Will Make History

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It'll happen, just not like RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman thinks it will. I'll address that, but first I have to debunk this propaganda piece the Wallstreet Journal gleefully published as a favor to the GOP.
"Last month's narrowly averted plot to blow up airliners bound for the U.S. from Great Britain is a stark reminder that we are engaged in an extraordinary and dangerous global war. In 46 days, the American people will make an important decision about how we prosecute that war: Do we stay on the offense and use every tool available to defeat the enemy, or do we elect leaders who would weaken America and surrender key tools we need to defeat the global jihad?"
That narrowly averted plot, according to the Brits, was well over two months from going off. Only one or two of the people arrested had passports, which means the overwhelming majority of the couldn't have so much as made it through the first security check point, much less onto a plane.

News agencies reported that the British were not ready to apprehend the suspects, and that they were pressured to do so by the American government. They have complained that they may not have enough evidence to convict because of the rush the Bush administration put on the deal.

The truth here is that Bush endangered the capture of these guys, that they make walk free, and it was the British that did it all, not us. Republicans want us to use this incident to be more afraid, because it's proof that terrorists are out there to get us. They are out there to get us, but all this proves is that real security works, and that it all went down without illegal spying, or torture.

America Ken, is already weak. You're weak. Our President is weak, and it is time for change.
"This war began long before September 11, 2001. For a generation, the terrorists have attacked free nations, from the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich to the 444 days that American hostages were held in Iran; from the 1983 Beirut attacks to the bombings of the World Trade Center in 1993, Riyadh in 1995 and Khobar Towers in 1996; from the embassy attacks in 1998 to bombing of the USS Cole in 2000. Too often, free nations responded weakly, or not at all, so the enemy grew emboldened. The result was 9/11."
This is not a war; Iraq is a war. But Ken is right about something, this started long before 2001. It started tens of thousands of years ago in a region that people like Ken will never understand. Their memory covers only what they've seen on TV and in the movies. They can't comprehend that terrorism has existed on this Earth since the very dawn of mankind.

Russia and Israel have been dealing with true terrorism for decades, and their response has been to simply kill everyone around: terrorists, buildings, civilians, even U.N. aid workers. It doesn't matter to them who dies, so long as they are the ones doing the killing.

The cause of 9/11 has been our unwavering support of Israel, our military presence in Saudi Arabia, our invasion of Iraq, and a repressive religious culture conducive to brain washing. Rather than working with Muslim leaders to help prevent people from becoming terrorists in the first place, Republicans have decided to just stomp on them link ants, never hitting the nest. Never getting to the source. Never doing a damn bit of good.
"Now we understand that we face a radical global movement of Islamic fascists, held together by a totalitarian ideology as deadly as the ones we faced in World War II or the Cold War. This movement ebbs and flows. Its adherents meet in cyberspace instead of buildings. They gather on blogs instead of barracks. A terrorist in Syria can recruit allies in the heart of Europe and a cell leader in Asia can activate an attack in the U.S., all without leaving their homes. That makes this enemy difficult to defeat. They constantly adapt -- so we must as well."
Ken, Democrats have understood the challenges our country faces from terrorism all along. The fact that you and your party are just coming around now is all the proof voters should need to kick you out this Fall.

What we also understand, that you don't, is that we don't need to scare our fellow citizens in order to convince them than our country is not secure. Our people are intelligent, and capable of grasping the dangers without being scared. They know you haven't done your job protecting us, and that your time is nearly up.

They know that your idea of adapting to evolving threats is to just keep scaring us by sensationalizing plots beyond their actual threat. The Miami terror ring that wasn't, the British bombing threat that wasn't. But you do nothing about our open borders. You cut funding to the Department of Homeland Security. You refuse to spend money to inspect incoming cargo, and try to sell our ports to Middle East nations. You are a threat to the security of our nation.
"That is why the choice we face on Nov. 7 is so critical. Democratic leaders are saying Iraq is a diversion from the war on terror, that we should be more focused on defending the homeland. But again and again, the Democrats have proposed weakening our defenses."
Iraq is a diversion from the "war on terror". There were zero terrorists in Iraq before we conquered it. Everyone knows this for a fact. There were no terrorists in Iraq. Now Al-Qaeda is in Iraq. They like Middle Eastern countries that are severely unstable, because it provides them an opportunity to hide, and to breed. This is why they were based in Afghanistan, and have now setup in Iraq. Both countries are dangerously unstable, and that is the GOP's fault.

Republicans put terrorists in Iraq. Republicans made the "war on terror" worse. Republicans have made us a target for terrorism. Republicans must go.
"We learned on 9/11 the need for coordination between federal, state and local governments; yet the majority of congressional Democrats voted against re-authorization of the Patriot Act. The foiled airplane plot re-emphasized the importance of following an enemy whose command and control is often obscure; yet Democrats opposed the NSA surveillance program and praised an activist judge's attempt to shut it down."
The creation of DHS was supposed to solve those coordination problems; it has not. In fact, it did damage to our ability to respond to natural disasters; it ruined FEMA, what else has it destroyed or crippled?

Republicans voted against re-authorization of the Patriot Act along with Democrats. Republican House leaders held the bill up, because it was junk that threatened our freedom and liberty. An irrational emotional reaction. The foiled airplane plot was stopped by the British, not US. We failed to discover the plot. The Patriot Act was in full force during the entire duration of this "plot", and achieved absolutely nothing.

The NSA surveillance program has been declared illegal. It almost doesn't matter what Democrats think about it. It has been ruled illegal by a court of law. The Republican administration violated the constitution, and federal law, and it doesn't even care. Even during a time when both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans, when virtually anything the administration wants - it can get - Republicans chose to violate the rule of law in total secrecy. Republicans have no respect for the rule of law, and they do not respect your privacy. Some Republicans also believe the spying program was both unnecessary and illegal - not just Democrats.
"We need to aggressively and effectively interrogate captured terrorists in order to stop their plans before they come to fruition; yet Democrats want to handcuff those efforts. Terrorists cannot build IEDs or buy weapons without funding, but when the New York Times disclosed a secret program that was tracking their financing, more than 85% of House Democrats voted against a resolution supporting the program and condemning its media disclosure. We need to stop rogue regimes like Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons; yet Democrats want to take any use of force off the table."
What Ken means is "We need to aggressively and effectively torture captured terrorists." President Bush and Republicans ignored the Geneva Conventions until the Supreme Court told them they were violating treaties that we are bound to obey. Again, Republicans violated the law. The United States and the American way of life has always been against torture. It is inhumane and wrong. We cannot take the moral high ground if we degrade ourselves like this. If we torture prisoners, everybody on the planet will torture prisoners.

Democrats fight torture under all circumstances because it is wrong, and beyond the pale. This doesn't speak to the fact that numerous FBI terrorism experts have publicly testified for decades that torture simply does not work. It is impossible to know if the information given under torture is the truth, or a lie made up to stop the pain. It is impossible. The only reason to torture somebody is to make them suffer, and that is unacceptable. Only barbarians torture people. Are Republicans barbarians? Republicans support torture.

Democrats stand for leading the world in humane treatment of prisoners, as should the United States. I remember a time when "United States of America" actually meant something. We stood for freedom, in liberty and in thought, against oppression and against torture.We were the good guys and we were setting the best example possible for the world. Now it means nothing. Now, because of Republicans, America stands for war and torture.

Terrorists can build all the IED's they want, Mr. Mehlman, because the CIA has said repeatedly that when the United States began going after funds caught up in the worlds financial networks, they immediately began using hard currency and abandoned electronic transfers. They went underground for money over five years ago, making the likely illegal tracking program mostly useless. Republican's response was a resolution -- legally non-binding -- that "supported" the program. If it had passed, it would not have made the program legal. It was nothing but fluff made to force Democrats to "vote against it." You stupid impudent children play games in the houses of Congress while Democrats introduce real binding legislation that would increase body armor and supplies funding for our troops in Iraq. The result? Republicans voted the amendment down.

The Army requested 2x more funding that Republicans were giving them, and Democrats tried to make up for the shortfall with real bills that would have a real impact in Iraq. Republicans voted it down, and then held a mock vote that was not legally binding to make us look bad for disparaging a likely illegal program. Your time for bullshitting the American people is running out.

Iran, according to the IAEA, is over 12 years away from being able to refine Uranium to the purity required for a Nuclear weapon. Republican war mongers want to make another Iraq; they want more American soldiers to die; they want more death and more war. Democrats do not want to take the use of force off the table. You can tell, because we've never said that. It's a straw man fallacy. We want force to be the very last option on the table, as it should be. Republicans want war now, at all costs.
"Even more dangerous is that Democrats truly seem to believe that Iraq is completely separate from the greater war on terror. Al Qaeda's leaders are not confused about the importance of Iraq to their goal of global jihad. Osama bin Laden's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has said his plan is to use Iraq as a base to launch further attacks, with the goal of creating a new caliphate in the Middle East. He wants to turn Iraq into another Taliban-era Afghanistan, except one strategically located between Syria and Iran, and sitting on one of the world's largest supplies of oil. Osama bin Laden himself said that the American withdrawal from Somalia emboldened his movement before 9/11. Imagine the victory celebrations among the terrorists if we were to retreat from Iraq. Yet this is exactly what Howard Dean and a majority of Democrats would have us do. In 46 days, we must ask ourselves, would surrendering Iraq to the enemy make us safer -- or less safe?"
Democrats know there are terrorists in Iraq, Ken, your party put them there. You are trying to deflect voters attention from that fact, but we know you're full of it. There were no terrorists in Iraq until your party conquered that country and turned it into a civil war, and breeding ground for terrorists. Republicans created a breeding ground for terrorists.

As you just said, our pullout of Somalia emboldened terrorists. What you've neglected to mention is that it was Republicans that forced us out. Truth sucks, doesn't it Ken? Republicans have embolden terrorists.

In 46 days we must ask ourselves: do we want liars in the Congress, or responsible adults? Do we want war mongers, or peace bringers? Do we want a balanced budget, or do we want more deficits? Do we want universal health care, or a system where 30% of Americans have no coverage while big medical companies are getting filthy rich, just like oil companies. Do we want 30,000,000 Americans living in poverty, or should we coddle businesses? Do we want a secure border with fair immigration policies, or open season for 3,000 miles and 12,000,000 more illegal immigrants?

What is more important to you: banning flag burning and same-sex marriage, or better education, secure borders, health care, lower domestic crime rates, getting our troops home, and leaders who tell the truth?
"Here at home, we are also working to reform government. We live in a global economy, one in which it is just as easy to create jobs in India as it is in Indiana. Republicans understand this, which is why we are committed to lower taxes, less regulation and fewer lawsuits. Republicans have cut taxes every year since George W. Bush was elected president. We have streamlined regulations, reformed bankruptcy laws, offered choice to Medicare recipients, and limited class-action lawsuits. The Democrats opposed every single one of those reforms -- and they are pledging to stand in our way as we move forward."
Here at home, Republicans have created the biggest budget deficit in the history of this country. That means shortfalls in spending for education, police, border enforcement, the military, intelligence, drug enforcement, and alternative energy policies (Bush cut funding to alternative energy projects right after promising to pursue them in his last State of the Union.) Is that what you want more of? Republicans support off shoring your jobs to India. The only thing they understand is how to hurt America.

"Republicans have cut taxes every year since George W. Bush was elected president." -- Republicans have increased the budget deficit every year since George W. Bush was elected President. What part of this don't Republicans understand? Budget deficits hurt America. Eventually the national debt, which is over 1.8 trillion dollars, will get so high that the IMF will have no choice but to rate our government down with the third world countries. Republicans are spending us into the ground, and it is killing us. Eventually, the government will begin defaulting on govt. bonds. When that happens, our currency is going to drop like a rock, and we'll be fighting with Mexico for who has the weakest currency in the Americas. This will happen.

President Bill Clinton streamlined regulations, turning 40,000 page laws into 3,000 page laws. President Bush has expanded the size of the government more than any other in history. Republicans changed bankruptcy laws so they screw Americans but greatly benefit credit card companies. There is zero dispute about this -- the number one group of American citizens that are effected by this restructuring are people who were saddled with impossible-to-pay medical bills that were not covered by the health care that Republicans refuse to give to America. They have screwed citizens twice in favor of having sex affairs with corporate America.
"Republicans want to eliminate the death tax once and for all. Democrats want to bring it back. Republicans want to explore new sources of energy to bring gas and heating prices down. Democrats want to block domestic exploration. Republicans want small businesses to be able to band together to provide health care to their employees at a reasonable price. Democrats don't believe entrepreneurs should have that freedom. Republicans want all parents to have the choice of where they send their kids to school. Democrats would limit that choice to the rich and powerful. The list goes on and on."
The "death tax" is actually called the estate tax. It is a tax on very large inheritance passed from rich people. It is a gift to rich people who can afford to pay the tax already. During a vote last year on a bill to repeal the estate tax, a Democrat offered an amendment that would dedicate about $10 million to helping feed starving America children who live in poverty. IT WOULD HAVE FED STARVING AMERICAN CHILDREN. Republicans voted it down. All of them voted against it. Republicans voted against feeding starving children. Is that who you want to vote for this Fall?

Republicans want you to be able to send your kids to a private school -- just as long as it is a Christian private school. Democrats want to stop giving tax breaks to the rich, and start spending tax dollars to feed starving children. Democrats don't want to spend tax dollars sending kids to private schools, we want to spend tax dollars improving public schools so private schools aren't necessary. The list goes on and on.
"I believe the American people understand the choice of 2006, which is why I am confident that in 46 days Republicans will make history and maintain our majorities in Congress."
As I said when this began, Ken Mehlman is right. Republicans have been forecast to make history during these mid-term elections on November 7th. If things go as they are trending today, Republicans will not win a single seat in either house of Congress. Even during the 1994 slaughter when Republicans picked up over 40 seats, Democrats still managed to win Republican seats. During every election, both parties have always picked up at least one seat - there has always been turn over somewhere.

This Fall, Republicans have been forecast not to pick up any seats anywhere. They are going to lose Senate seats, House seats, Governorships, and control of the House itself. If Democrats are lucky, we'll even be honored with the responsibility of controlling the Senate as well. And it is a responsibility, and it is an honor to serve the American people. This do-nothing Congress has been on the job for less time than any other Congress since 1994. It's time for change.

The country is speaking Ken; they don't want anything to do with you and your party any more.

"Get the fuck out."
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