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Update: July 17, 2007

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"The Republicans are playing defense in over 40 races"

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Not much going on during the weekend. I keep seeing more and more stories saying as time progresses, more GOP seats are becoming competitive all across the country. While a month ago, we Democrats were hoping for a 15-seat pickup and most watchers were predicting around 12, people are starting to acknowledge that Democrats are looking at between a 15 and 20-seat pickup this fall in the House, and we're hoping for a landslide that will carry over into the Senate as well.
In honor of this continuing statement by Americans that they want accountable adults running our country, not impudent law breakers, I'd like to single out a last gasp from a lobbyist tainted House majority leader, soon to be House minority leader, perhaps soon to be out of a job.

"It is a difficult environment. I can see us losing a seat or two. But I don’t see us losing our majority at all." - John A. Boehner

Oh really?

"The Republicans are playing defense in over 40 races — one-tenth of the House." - DCCC chairman Rahm Emanuel.

Trying to get this in under the wire for Sunday. From the Times: "In the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll, just 29 percent said the country was headed in the right direction, a measure of national pessimism that rivals the 26 percent who felt that way in October 1994." What I don't understand is why anyone who isn't insane would think that the country wasn't headed in the right direction in 1994.

We had lower gas prices, an economy ready to explode under Clinton, no wars, no government with total disdain for the rule of law, no ultra divisiveness, and a budget deficit that was set to disappear thanks to Democrats. We were at best a minor target of terrorism, now we're number one. We are safer how? Not at all. We're worse off. Now instead of having some of them pissed off, ALL of them want us dead.

We were secure and prosperous at the same time. What the hell is not to like about that?

Now that the country has safely been driven into the ground by a frat boy President and a truckload of old conservative white men, the people have decided again that ALL THE CHOICES THEY MADE in 1994 were WRONG. Not just wrong, but stupid. When will conservatives learn that Republicans are too incompetent to run the government, not just today, but for all time?
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