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Update: July 17, 2007

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Hillary "Censor Everything" Clinton on the War Path

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This shouldn't be much of a surprise: when Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, the chances are 1 in 3 that she is going to try to censor somebody. Usually she is partnering with Joe "I'm fighting to take a Senate seat away from the Democratic Party" Lieberman, or Republi-"anyone who disagrees with Bush is guilty of sedition"-cans, in a pathetically ignorant attempt to censor game violence. This time, it's an independent movie depicting the assassination of one George W. Bush.
"I think it's despicable," Clinton said of "Death of a President," a fictional film that features a staged assassination of the president in 2007. "I think it's absolutely outrageous. That anyone would even attempt to profit on such a horrible scenario makes me sick." (S)

That's hypocritical since we all know damn well that Hillary would be thrilled to have Bush assassinated. I also think it's pretty funny that she is stupid enough to think that independent films actually make any money. That aside though, one of the biggest reasons I probably won't vote for her in '08 is because she is pro-censorship in a country that cannot survive without freedom of creativity.

She may not like the film, but to call any piece of fiction outrageous is silly. It's fiction you dumb ass. What, Presidential assassination is off-topic for film making now? What's next Senator Nazi, we can't make films about Senators being corrupt and stupid? Well shit, let's go Hillary, there are thousands of books about assassinations that need to be taken from school libraries all over the country and burned.

While we're at it, lets reinstate the Hollywood blacklist, but this time we can put people who write violence on it instead of innocent people, and then throw them in jail, just like in the good old days. I'm sure Democrats and Republicans can come together in bipartisan cooperation to rid this country of any trace of violence in film, television, books, and even museums too! Let's burn paintings and throw musicians in prison for singing about all the thousands of inner-city murders that take place each year that you've done absolutely nothing about while taking $160k a year for being a Senator.

Let's not stop there, you fucking nutjob. Let's form a group of people that will enter peoples homes without permission to make sure we don't act or speak in a way deemed offensive to the "state", since that works in China, right? We can call it the Geschtapo. While they are in there, they can make sure there is none of that gay-sex stuff going on. Hell, just give them a bible and send them forth to rid the world of all sins while they are at it. You will purify America of all evil, then we can disband all police and military, and live as God meant us to: keeping slaves, degrading women, discriminating against gays, and converting the world to Christianity at all costs.

Back to reality for a moment. A movie depicting the fictional assassination of a President, no matter who it is, is fair game. Why? Because it's freaking fiction. Everything is fair game in fiction. When a U.S. Senator, charged with defending the creative freedom of all Americans, makes statements that film makers shouldn't be allowed to make films SHE DOESN'T LIKE, then we really are screwed.

It's funny, I've always associated this kind of behavior with conservatives. I made up a single question that was supposed to be able to tell the difference between a liberal and a conservative with perfect accuracy.

If you see a show on TV that you find objectionable, what do you:
  • A. Turn the channel.
  • B. Demand the show be taken off the air.
Universally the conservative would pick B, while the liberal would pick A. That no longer seems to be the case, with people like Joe "I'm taking money from the GOP for my run to take a seat from a Democrat" Lieberman and Hillary "Burn all books, films, art, and bunny rabbits that feature violence" Clinton heading up the charge to make America a morally safe place for people that are forced to go see a movie they don't like at gun point. Wait a minute...

The only thing despicable in all of this Ms. Clinton is you. Your pathetic call for censorship sickens me, and I hope this movie wins a god damned Oscar just to make you look like the little asshole you're being.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
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