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Update: July 17, 2007

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South Carolina and the Home of Area-51 Get Some Love

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The DNC is stirring things up in the primary election schedule, trying to dilute the disproportionate voice that overwhelmingly white and rural Iowa and New Hampshire currently has. Anybody want to take bets on NH throwing a hissy fit?
The Democratic National Committee inserted Nevada party caucuses five days after the Iowa caucuses and three days before the New Hampshire primary, the long-time kickoff events in the presidential campaign season.
Critics argue that the process will be so compressed that the party's nominee could be decided by early February before most states, especially the biggest ones, get a chance to vote.
Welcome to my life, California. Yes, we know they are talking about you. Think we care? We don't. Know why? A third of the country already doesn't matter, if not more. North Carolina's primary is buried so deep in the election that when the last one came around, there were only two Democratic candidates left to vote for: John Kerry and John Edwards. Some freakin choice that was. We certainly don't care that you won't get a chance to make a substantive choice anymore, since we've never had one either. If we're going to be kept down, so are you. Either push for real and meaningful change, or shut your mouth and deal with it.

The solution to the primary problem is simple, hard as that may be to believe. You hold every single primary on the same day, just like with the general election. Problem solved. Everybody gets to vote, everybody but the me-first instead of party-first bunch in NH and Iowa are happy. I'm so sick and tired of Iowa and NH deciding who my nominee is. I love that NH is pissed off. What right do you people have to decide for the entire party like that? Go do something useful, like making corn.

Vegas wouldn't be my first choice, but it'll do just fine as long as it royally pisses of NH and Iowa. (Reuters)
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