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Update: July 17, 2007

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Sadler, McMurray, Mayfield Aren't Worth a Dime

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Some related things that need to be quickly and sternly addressed, because I am sick of people being so dense. Sometimes you have to smack the dense out of them. That's my job. I'm a smacker of dense people.

Kris from Sumter, S.C.: OK, hot shot, I certainly expect a very public apology to all of us Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans and for Jr. especially when he makes the Chase. Y'all naysayers need to get over yourselves. Think you know everything, do you? We'll see.

This was written to a Fox announcer/analyst/former driver/whatever, it doesn't matter. I'm going to answer this.

Kris, at the beginning of this season, Earnhardt bragged that he was going to win between eight and nine races this year, in addition to making the Chase and competing for the championship. With four races left before the Chase begins, Earnhardt has won exactly one race this year, at Richmond where he lucked into it after Kevin Harvick had dominated the race by leading almost 3/4th's the laps before screwing it up with bad pit strategy. Earnhardt, after running great for most of the year is just barely clinging to the top 10, and there is a good chance he won't even make it for the second year in a row. Drop the attitude and don't step to this until you get your god damned facts straight. Thanks for writing...somebody other than me!

Now I'm going to put the actual comentator/analyst/former driver in his place as well.

Larry McReynolds: By saying Earnhardt, Gordon and Stewart are three big stars of our sport, I wasn't taking credit away from anybody.

No, Larry, that is exactly what you did, because you didn't say those three guys are big stars. You said there are a lot of stars, and these three are superstars. You placed them well above everyone else, and you got called on it. Own up to it like a man instead of trying to rewrite history. And the person who wrote in to call you on this had an excellent point -- Jimmie Johnson is a far bigger star than Jr. is, and is a far better driver as well. Over the past two years, Jr. hasn't been able to keep up with even the top 10 'stars', much less the top 3. And for that matter, neither has Gordon.

As for the Mayfield/Sadler situation, it's nothing but a giant joke. These are two bad drivers that were in bad cars on bad teams that are moving to bad cars on more bad teams. Jamie McMurray has proven that mediocre talent in a sweet ride does not make for a great situation. McMurray was never a good driver, and I said all along that he was going to bomb at Roush. Guess what...he did. Mayfield and Sadler will be the same talentless sound bytes no matter where they go, and devoting so much attention to them is pointless. Nobody freaking cares, drop it.

Everyone in the top 10 is going to be the Chase field, unless one of the bottom three DNF's, which would bring Kasey Khane in. He isn't going to make it on his own, he's baked. Harvick has a shot at taking second place in the points before the Chase starts. The final four tracks before the Chase starts are Michigan, Bristol, Fontana, and finally Richmond. Harvick finished 10th, 2nd, Fontana is good for a top 10, and led over 270/400 laps at Richmod before finishing 5th, all earlier this year. He needs about 200 points to pass Kenseth which is a stretch, but note that Harvick has gained over 170 points on leaer Jimme Johnson in the past 6 races. If Kenseth DNF's or as a 30th or worse finish in the next 4, watch out.
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