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Update: July 17, 2007

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The Real Reason For Cenorship

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I love to talk about how much of a crock censorship is when it comes out of the mouths of christian-extremists and conservatives in general. If you ever want to know if a person is a Democrat or a Republican in a single question, ask them this: If something offensive comes on TV, what do you do -- change the channel or demand the show be taken off the air? If you turn the channel, you're a Democrat. If you want it off the air, then you're a Republican.

That's pretty succinct, but this girl over here said it just as well as I did, and she's also really cute. She seems to be missing a basic course in copyright law (as most people are) so you can safely ignore the second half about fan fiction. If you want the real truth about it's legality, go here. I lay out the case pretty well, and so far nobody has been able to refute it. It could well be the best examination done so far.

The anti-fan fiction crowd really does slay me. They'll tell you without bated breath not just that it's illegal, but blatantly illegal, and how could you possibly come to any other conclusion? It's so obvious, I mean. They didn't ask! How dare they. Well, it's called fair use people, and you need to deal with it, because you are really starting to look stupid and ignorant when before you just looked silly and arrogant.

Did I mention that girl is cute?
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