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Update: July 17, 2007

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Lieberman Moving Campaign Website to

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God help the morons still working for Joe Lieberman. I say still, because Kos has reported that the majority of Joe's failed campaign staff have resigned in protest of him fighting to take a Senate seat away from the Democratic party when we're on the verge of gangbusting Congress this fall. Rather than supporting our parties effort to gain seats in the Senate, Joe has decide to do what the Republicans are doing -- he's trying to take seats from us. The big chunk of his staff that quit are real democrats, and have no interest in working for someone who isn't.

But that's not what this deal is all about, that has to do with what the morons who are still working for him today are up to. These are the same retards that got stung in the ass for not putting together a website that could stand up to the kind of national attention it was bound to get for the primary.
The site,, appeared to have suffered from a so-called "denial of service" attack, in which computers overwhelm a site with fake traffic so real visitors can't get through, said Richard M. Smith, an Internet security consultant in Brookline, Mass.
I'm not sure who this dork is, but I suggest nobody ever hire the man as a consultant in the future. When a site gets hit by a DoS attack, it disappears off the Internet, along with the router it's connected to and generally the entire network it's surrounded by. You can't load the page, you can't ping it, often times you can't even resolve the address. This was clearly not the case. Across a multitude of updates, DailyKos showed that the machine that was hosted on was not a dedicated server, and held over 70 other websites. At least one of them (the name escapes my mind) was accessible while was allegedly under a DoS attack. I know this for a fact, I loaded the damn thing myself. And as far as I know, the machine was never unaccessible in the first place. For the longest time, the site simply displayed a page that indicated the campaign had not paid its hosting bill, and was then replaced with a snide and baseless attack on Lamont.
"Was it the greatest security ever? Well it just got hacked so, no," Geary said. "But we had industry-standard security. We could stop bows and arrows and bullets, but not a tank, and that's what this attack was."
Where to start? DoS attacks are not hacks. Either you got hacked, or you got DoS'ed. We know they didn't get DoS'ed, so now they are changing their story. So then I'd like to know what kind of 'industry standard security' sucks so bad that it could kill a site so bad that 24 hours later it's still dead. Some standard that is.
"The state has computer forensic expects, both in the state police and elsewhere," he said. "We have some expertise and federal authorities have very impressive resources. I am very optimistic that ultimately any wrongdoer will be apprehended."

Denial-of-service attacks are hard to trace, though, because they often commandeer computers infected with certain viruses. Owners usually have no idea their computer is even accessing the Web site.
Congratulations AP...on making no sense. Was it hacked or was it DoS'd?
The site also was attacked by hackers a month ago. They were able to replace Lieberman's page with one that said, "We ownz u site."
So they already got hacked once, with 'industry standard security', and sucked so bad at it that they got hit again? Real competent team there. And finally there is this:
Visitors to the site Thursday received a message that read in part: "We call on Ned Lamont to make an unqualified statement denouncing this kind of dirty campaign trick and to demand whoever is responsible to cease and desist immediately."
It's cute, but what is the point? Does Ned Lamont magically have control over the unknown attackers (if there even were any?) Wouldn't you rather call on the attackers directly to leave you alone? Wouldn't you apologize to the people trying to read the site for you being lax on security and letting it get taken down? Wouldn't you have it back up within 30 minutes from backups? Wouldn't you do something useful other than snipe at the opponent that not only is beating you in the primary, but was also thoughtful enough to put a cache of your old site on their own site for people to see?

The pathetic problem is that Ned denounced the "attack" almost seven full hours before this message appeared, live, on MSNBC. Sitting three feet from Chris Matthews who asked him about it, he told whoever did it to stop.

It smells like nothing but a political ploy to me, but even if it's not, the fact that his staffers involved federal authorities brings this to a whole new level of bad for themselves. The FBI is going to take one good look at the machine and see that nothing ever happened to it, then we're going to hear about it and Joe is going to look like the sad little man he is, desperate for media attention after the Democrats in his own state told him to stay home this fall; they don't want him anymore.
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