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Update: July 17, 2007

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Bush Fights Only For Christians, Violates Constitution...Again

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George Bush is getting awfully good at violating the Constitution. Just a few days ago, he signed a bill from the all-Republican controlled Congress that transfers land ownership from San Diego to the DOD in order to escape an impending legal defeat that would have forced the removal of a massive three-story cross that has itself been violating the California state constitution for nearly half a century.

Multiple courts have ruled that the cross must be moved off state owned land. The state has previously tried to sell or give away the land to anyone that would keep the cross intact, which by itself is bad enough, but now the federal government has become involved and taken the land from California -- a blatant violation of Republican ethics concerning states rights -- and given it to the military.

Voters in San Diego approved a measure last year which donated the land to the federal government, and that also was ruled unconstitutional. Now the government is simply going to take it by force, something that should horrify true Republicans that actually care about Republican ideals. A semi-final order to remove the monument was blocked by the Supreme Court this year in order to allow even more frivolous appeals to proceed through the system, Teri Schiavo style.

Lose your case? Appeal. Lose your appeal? Appeal some more. Run out of courts in the state? Go federal. Lose in federal court? Appeal. Lose your appeal? Appeal some more. Run out of appeals? Make a new law that lets you appeal some more.

The transfer of ownership from the city to the Department of Defense is a blatant and disgusting move that all Americans should be ashamed of. Massive crosses do not belong on public land, which is something virtually every court the case has been in has said. They don't belong on federal land either, and this land grab is nothing but a full-on endorsement of a single religion by the Republican party, and our President that is only interested in representing the interests of people that happen to share his religious faith.

The ACLU has recently become involved by filing a suit in federal court to block the transfer. The state-endorsed Christian symbol was due to be removed nearly 2 1/2 weeks ago. For those who think the ACLU stands for Anti-Christian Liberty Union, or something equally synonymous with a 12-year-old's thinking, I present you with the following cases.
Via Allen Asch at ACLU Fights For Christians. I absolutely do not want to hear any more spin and lies that the ACLU is anti-religion. The ACLU is a wonderful organization dedicated to civil liberties for all people, regardless of faith, race, or sexual orientation. If only you could say the same for the federal government and the Republican party.
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