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WGA Strike, Prison Break Updates

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Prison Break Executive Producer Paul Scheuring said at the TV Critics Association that the shows second season will be a "complete reinvention" of the series, given how limited the original premise was. He said that while we will continue to see stories that involve the prison, the escapees will not be returning there any time soon, and that the prison will gradually fade into the background.
"We will not see a rehash of season one where these guys all end up back in the prison in episode three and go, 'Now we've got to think of another way out of here,'" he joked. "Season two is a complete reinventon." writer Colin Mahan is also reporting an apparent change in new star William Fichtner's role, previously said to be an FBI agent heading up the manhunt.
"William Fichtner, who recently starred as an alien-possessed sherriff in the cancelled ABC series Invasion, is joining the cast of Prison Break this season as a prison guard. Scheuring says Fichtner's character will straddle light and dark.">
Also comes unwelcome news that the distracting and clichéd conspiracy storyline will be making a return.
"We're not going to table [the conspiracy] because we think it's something that we owe," he informed. "But I do think that, in the early part of the season, it's going to be about the immediacy of having to get the hell away from the pursuit."
Conspiracy stuff is best done almost as an afterthought, a little kick in the nuts in the last three minutes of the show. When you don't see it coming, you're doing your job right. Prison Break did it all wrong, so I can only hope they get it right this time around. (Source)

The WGA/writing producer's strike against The CW's America's Next Top Model has entered it's second week. The CW still insists that the show will make it's scheduled debut in late September, although I'm not really sure how they plan to do that without any staff. Meanwhile, the producers and the Writers Guild have been gaining support from other unions in a show of solidarity. (Source)
In addition to the strikers, writers for "The Simpsons" and other WGA members, picketers have included members and officers of Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, the Communications Workers of America and the Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters.
If the strikers win representation, the situation should snowball. The WGA has over 1,000 writing/producers on reality TV series that have indicated they want to be represented by the guild, yet so far only ANTM has actually done anything about it by striking. We all wish them the best of luck.

(P.S. Electronic Arts, and the rest of you: you're next.)
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