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Update: July 17, 2007

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58th Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

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As I talked about yesterday, the Emmy nominations (who's up for what and where) came out today. I'm really disgusted with how cable shows are shut out every year for the big name categories. As good as The West Wing used to be, there is no way anyone can justify placing it above Battlestar Galactica for drama. That's just ridiculous. West Wing has been steadily going down hill ever since Aaron Sorkin left the show, and it's already been canceled. Amazing. And where is Six Feet Under? I've never seen that show but I've heard nothing but praise for it, and I know Alan Ball deserves better than this.

And with all these frilly niche categories like art direction and hairstyling, I wonder why the hell there aren't categories for things that aren't so niche, like action/adventure, or science fiction, or what about best script and best showrunner? It's almost a bit of a joke, isn't it? Welp, on with the dog and pony show.

Outstanding series/Movie
Drama: Grey's Anatomy, House, The Sopranos, 24, and The West Wing.
Comedy: Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Scrubs, and Two And A Half Men.
Miniseries: Bleak House, Elizabeth I, Into The West, and Sleeper Cell.
Nonfiction: American Masters, Biography, Deadliest Catch, Inside The Actors Studio, 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America
Made For Television Movie: Flight 93, The Flight That Fought Back, The Girl In the Cafe, Mrs. Harris, and Yesterday.
(I am not listing reality programs, that crap is not television. --ed)

Outstanding Cinematography (Single Camera)
CSI, "Gum Drops"
Lost, "Man Of Science, Man Of Faith" (Could you be any less original? --ed)
The Sopranos, "The Ride"
24, "9:00 PM - 10:00 PM"
Everybody Hates Chris, "Everybody Hates Funerals"

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Series (kill me please --ed)
Alias, Desperate Housewives, Rome, Six Feet Under, and Will & Grace.

Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore)
Masters Of Horror, "Dreams In The Witch House"
Rome, "Triumph"
Stargate: Atlantis, "Grace Under Pressure"
Supernatural, "Pilot" (What, can't be bothered to name your damn pilot? --ed)
24, "6:00 AM - 7:00 AM"

Outstanding Main Title Theme Music
Get Ed, Masters Of Horror, Over There, Prison Break, and Rome.

Several Sci Fi channel shows scored nominations. Battlestar Galactic, Outstanding Costumes For A Series, for "Lay Down Your Burdons (Part 2)". The Triangle, Outstanding Main Title Design. Stargate: Atlantis, Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Dramatic Underscore), for "Grace Under Pressure". Battlestar Galactica, Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series, for "Scattered". Battlestar Galactic, Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series, for "Resurrection Ship (Part 2)". Mammoth & The Triangle, Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

As was expected, House, Grey's, Lost, and 24 all did very well. Battlestar Galactic got snubbed for best drama, even though it obviously belongs on that list. Lee Goldberg talks about the Emmys and BSG over here, while everyone else I thought would write about this is a total bust.

There are a ton of categories, so I've condensed the list down to 45 by combining categories that share a common theme, such as: Outstanding Art Direction, which has the subcategories of: Multi-Camera Series; Miniseries, Or Movie; Single-Camera Series; Variety, Music Program, Or Special. This becomes: Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series/Miniseries, Or Movie/Single-Camera Series/Variety, Music Program, Or Special.

Given the size of this list (which I did by hand), I've hidden it via a bit of Javascript. Click on the link just below this paragraph to show or hide the list. You need Javascript enabled to do this.

Show the list

All of the nominations can be had by downloading this PDF, or looking at this web page. The awards will be broadcast live on August 27th. I probably will not be watching.
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