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The Bucket List

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I wrote a short time ago about a Usenet troll in misc.writing.screenplays.moderated who, for whatever reason, was pushing everyone around to read a script called The Bucket List, written by Justin Zackham, which he claimed was in a bidding war. It was never clear if the person was trying to make people believe he was the author (he wasn't), and later a big name agent (he isn't). Thankfully, the doofus disappeared, but the script turned out to be the real deal. (I still have it) It's dated March 23, 2006, and claims to be registered with the WGA-WEST.

From Variety,
Rob Reiner's looking to bounce back from the fizzled Rumour Has It with The Bucket List.

And he's already recruited a top cast - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman will star, playing two terminally ill types who try to fulfil a wish list before they - to put it bluntly - kick the bucket. Escaping a cancer ward, they fire up a road trip including racing cars, eating the best good and betting in Monte Carlo.

Justin Zackham, who wrote and directed indie college comedy Going Greek, has penned the script, and while there's no studio attached yet, a deal is apparently being worked out. After all, we can't imagine one not getting on board with Nicholson signing up.

Reiner plans to crank the cameras in October.

I have no other new information on this, other than somebody was hocking The Bucket List in this writers newsgroup not too long ago. Someone supposedly contacted Zackham's agent over the matter, and I heard he wasn't pleased. I read the script when it was being bid on, and I wasn't all that particularly impressed. I thought it could have really benefited from some rewrites, and knowing how things go with these things, it's probably going to get some.

Zackham has writer/director/producer credits on two of his three projects, so without looking into it, I assume they were indy deals. The other credit is for acting in Boys Don't Cry. comment.

The Bucket List in the right hands will probably be a really enjoyable movie, so I'm happy for Zackham and I look forward to seeing it when it hits DVD.
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