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Update: July 17, 2007

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Free To Speak, Only If You're Republican

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The vile conservative attack dogs are in full swing this week, with right-wing pundit and Bush favorite Linda Chavez launching an unwarranted attack on a university student who dared speak out against a person quite worthy of scorn for his disgraceful actions.

Jean Sara Rohe decided to abandon the graduation speech she had written in favor of a spontaneous attack on her schools decision to invite John McCain to speak during the ceremony. She believes that his presence is in contrast to the principles upon which her school had been founded, and for her constitutionally protected right to speak out against perceived wrongs, she was attacked, insulted, and ultimately dismissed by Chavez.

John McCain's military service is commendable, but is still no excuse for the disservice to his country with his bigoted stances on same-sex marriage and determined fights against civil liberties. His alliance with Jerry Falwell is baffling after the gutter-scum attacks he suffered at Falwell's hands in previous years, and only serves to align him with one of the most disgusting human beings in existence who ranks below Hitler and Bin Laden, only because he's too big of a coward to back up his words with action.

Chavez believes that John McCain is "one of the few genuine heroes in public life", and I think to myself, what part of being a bigot qualifies a person to be a hero? I've always thought that a hero should embody the most positive qualities of human character. They should be honest and caring, not a hateful liar. Republicans lie by trade, and as a person who obviously hates gays, McCain can hardly be considered caring.

Though this article is not a referendum on John McCain as a person, his reputation as a moderate is entirely undeserved. McCain has been ranked as the third most conservative member of the United States Senate according to his voting record. This places him above Bill First, Lindsay Grahm, Trent Lott, Elisabeth Dole, and even Rick Santorum. This makes McCain more conservative than Ted Kennedy is liberal. That's quite an accomplishment, and if I am not mistaken, qualifies him as extreme, perhaps even as radical right-wing.

Chavez goes on to accuse Rohe of taking potshots at McCain rather than taking the opportunity to attack George's war on terror. This is the part I understand the least, because I don't doubt for a minute that Chavez would have gleefully taken Rohe to task for abusing the opportunity to attack Bush, as many people have done. It quickly becomes a scenario where Rohe can do nothing right and say nothing of value unless it's spouting Republican talking-points that currently amounts to hate speech -- something that's probably illegal in other countries.

"She and the others who jeered not just Sen. McCain but the president of their university", Chavez writes, "former Senator and fellow decorated Vietnam veteran Bob Kerrey, owe them their very way of life." I agree that we owe our veterans a great deal, but we do not owe them so much that we must surrender the right to speak as we believe. When corruption and hatred has so infected our government that the majority of our citizens have zero faith in anyone running it, pundits like Chavez must acknowledge that the world does not revolve around their party. McCain did not fight a war for the Republican way of life, and conservative ideals are not the only valid ideals, and I take issue that we owe recent war veterans with the way of life we now enjoy.

The men and women that fought, lived, and died during the founding of this country are responsible for our way of life, far more than John McCain and his fellow war veterans are. Comparing their good deeds is utterly pointless, it's apples and oranges, and I resent having been forced into doing so by an ignorant cry baby like Chavez just because her personal Jesus had his feet held to the fire over his actions in the Senate.

When Jean Rohe said that the commencement was "an occasion that is supposed to honor us above all", Chavez spat all over the Constitution, our founding fathers, and McCain himself when she wrote that "Maybe that's the problem. Sen. McCain was addressing a bunch of spoiled kids who think they deserve "honor" for having made it through college."

The truth is that Chavez heralds McCain's military service yet spits all over the significance of his sacrifices by pretending that he only fought for the right to speak when Linda Chavez approves. McCain volunteered for service because he wanted to, and fought because he was told to. I wasn't alive when it happened and I feel zero allegiance to a man that professes hatred to people that are different than he is, and attempting to quash a dissenting opinion from your own, Ms. Chavez, dishonors not only the principles upon which this country was founded, but also those of your bigoted hero.

The true hero of this day is not John McCain, Linda Chavez, or even Jean Rohe. The hero is American citizens that have finally had enough of the hate that people like Chavez, Bush, and McCain, have tried to enshrine not only in government, but also our way of life. The voters are sick of your hate, your lies, and your incompetence, and mark my words, it's coming to an end very soon.

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