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Update: July 17, 2007

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Representative Crazy Hair At It Again

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Cynthia McKinney has done the impossible; she has taken a ridiculous situation of her own making to yet another level of stupid. Apparently there was a confrontation on the steps of the Capitol building between a reporter, and a newly hired personal body guard for McKinney. The reporter was trying to interview her when the body guard threatened to put him in jail, stating that he was a police officer, even though it would seem he is a former police officer. And he did it all on camera... Click the title to read the rest.

Let us summarize.

  • She assaults a capitol police officer.
  • She refuses to apologize.
  • She blames the capitol police officer for doing his job and threatens to sue him.
  • She again refuses to apologize.
  • She hires a former police officer as a body guard, who threatens a member of the press on video, on the Capitol steps.
  • She finally apologizes.

  • And now the Capitol Police are really unhappy about the body guard situation, fearing he may in fact be an armed threat to the security of the Capitol building, especially if there is another confrontation in which she is stopped at a security check point.

    And naturally, not one single person in the media seems to care that the heightened level of security to prevent terrorism (and hopefully all forms of crime) and how amounted to a freakin lapel pin. No drivers license, no custom issued identification, no finger print scanners, no retina scanners, not even a recognizable face. If you have a stupid little pin, you get a free pass through the metal detector and armed security guards.

    There are 535 members of the House and Senate coming through those doors, and that's not counting their aids who do have to go through security. If each person has a staff of three, that's over 1500 people going in and out of that building, would you remember 535 of them by sight alone? Would you be able to notice if one of those 1000 aids snuck on their bosses pin and waltzed around the metal detector with a hand gun? Did you know at least one Representative HAS A HAND GUN in his office, which he ACCIDENTALLY FIRED?

    That's not security, that's a joke. Kill a Rep, take their pin, stick a gun between your legs and walk into a shooting gallery. I think our problems go way beyond a nut job Representative. I hate to side with Republicans on this one, but this woman is a dunce that needs to take the long walk. And for that matter, I'm glad I'm not with them on pretty much anything else, since they care so little about real security that all a person needs to get into the Capitol building is a stupid freakin pin.

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